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Comment Re:I am not a contract lawyer... (Score -1) 378

All that shows is that they HAVE a superior bargaining position.. you didn't need to show that. Anyone would admit that Sony the megacorporation has vastly superior bargaining power over Joe Gamerdude.

Having the superior bargaining power doesn't mean, all by itself, that Sony isn't allowed to require new Terms of Service in order to use PSN. They have to trick you into something unfair. Only problem is, (1) they're not tricking you, and (2) it's not unfair.

Since they're warning you right up front about the new requirement, they're not tricking you.

Since they openly tell you that you DON'T HAVE TO AGREE to the new requirement, it's not unfair.

â"Legal.Troll (yay, this is the one post per day that I'm allowed to make!)

Comment Re:Snapping Turtles (Score -1) 380

Please, please: This is a Slashdot Freestyle Uninformed Rant About the Way the Government is Handling Things I Know Nothing About (TM). Do not trouble the wildlife with pesky facts or troubling suggestions that anyone in the world other than Slashdot geeks could be trusted to perform a task without the input of Slashdot geeks.

Comment Re:Slackers (Score -1, Flamebait) 536

They have jobs, you freaking moron. Do you think it's easy making money in the music business? Do you think it doesn't involve hard work? Perhaps you also think that being a professional musician would be as simple as recording a garage album and then kicking back while members of the public send you checks for millions of dollars -- if only it weren't for those greedy fatcat record labels that provide no worthwhile or necessary services and do nothing but leech?

There seems to be a lot of ignorance packed into that nine-word sentence you typed.

Comment Can some enthusiastic civil-rights advocate... (Score -1) 125

...please lecture me on how the authorities have no right to attempt to trace any of these IP addresses, either those performing the DDOS attacks or those thought to orchestrate the botnet's activity, because an IP address is not a person and the cops have no way of knowing who was sitting at a computer keyboard at a given time?




Comment Re:Two questions: (Score -1) 243

Silly comment. It's neither "trivial" to fill a 1TB HDD with warez/etc, nor does a demonstration that hard drives are relatively small say anything about "what little effect" illegal downloading has. Not one iota. All this "art" installation tells us is that people buy and sell non-physical data objects, that they sometimes sue people when these things are illegally taken without compensation, and that many of the things can fit on a modern storage device.

Logic failure. Analogy failure. You suck.

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