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Comment Color me suprised (Score 1) 156

Minimum wage of less than 200 EUR monthly (and even that is hard to get for young people), before tax , pension, etc (and that is recent, around Y2K 30-100$ wages were common, even for engineers), VAT at 24% and prices just a bit lower than the rest of the EU. That is wages 2-3 times lower than freakin' Turkey. For a EU country, with almost EU prices.

And you can get thousands of Euros in the "normal" EU, plus all the other benefits that come from non-retarded country like medical care (I mean the actual services that really don't exist, even the head of state went to Austria for some minor intervention).

Even the freaking gypsies are leaving the country. Science? Forget it.

Comment Re:Who else should comment on your games? (Score 1) 381

We are talking about millions of customers. Because of the numbers involved I'm sure that includes beside people who are well ... dead by now also people that pee on themselves, people who have both AIDS and cancer and (gasp) people who leave in a fantasy world that involves running around killing as many people as possible.

Sure, bad mouthing on a forum, sucks. Death threats, sucks much more. But in the end that's it, do your best to prepare for the worst, hope for the best and life goes on (until it doesn't).

Comment Who else should comment on your games? (Score -1) 381

Your mom, who never played them? I strongly suspect this is just a case of content creators expecting the "content consumers" to have an attention span of under 30s, similarly to what happens with "Lost" or "Star Trek" fans bashing the product for not being consistent with itself.

Just shut up and buy, damn it!

Comment Re:Totally the fault of the USA (Score 1) 110

The thing is fraud is just not making a dent in their finances to bother. Even with mag stripe the PIN is checked in real time with your bank for any non-trivial transaction, you could have any type of one-time-pass device for ATM transactions (or for purchases over let's say $100 or similar): paper, SMS, token, smartphone offline app, etc. You could have two cards, one without mag stripe. But no, that's just not possible. Even getting one card but without the mag stripe is not possible. I've been thinking to just go ahead and wipe with a magnet the stripe on one of my cards just to be on the safe side. Any experience/tips? I assume just using a strong magnet a couple of times on the stripe would do.

Comment just have police do their thing! (Score 2) 282

We all know there is no security without physical security.
But let's forget about that for a second.
Even if you make it ueber-secure (not like today when in many Samsung devices the IMEI is actually in some obfuscated file in the efs partition!) and you really manage to bound each device to an IMEI you still have the challange of managing the blacklist/"nuke from the orbit" authorization list.

It costs 5-10-15EUR to send a box full with phones across Europe, and no customs at all if it's within EU.
You need to have (at least) EU-wide database. How do you manage that? What recourse you have if you bought your phone in Germany, you leave in Belgium and it gets blacklisted by an operator in Bulgaria based on some typo from a dodgy police station in village? How can you argue that (hint: they don't even use the latin alphabet in Bulgaria)?

We had enough of this country-coded DVDs and network locked phone and all the crap. Any more of this and will give (another) unfair advantage to your operator: the only safe phones will be the ones bought directly, they know for sure it's legit. Anything else is a risk.

The real way out here is just to have police go after the thieves. Even the older phones could be tracked well enough and with some social engineering (if you had access to the list of calls) you could find out who has the phone without any GPS or camera and whatnot. However, they just don't bother even if you give them the position of the phone within meters, inside a single-house and a picture of the user.

Comment Re:Give up (Score 1) 250

Sure, first reader is 119.99$ and the second one 250 EUR, yay for people with more money than sense!

Of course if you pay enough somebody will make you some adapter to shove data into the iPhone despite iPhone's lack of connectivity (not only over wifi but there are some adapters that use the microphone analog input to send data to the iphone!). All that because of SPP Apple refuses to implement, even if it's present basically everywhere else since more than 10 years ago (yes, that includes mobile OSes like Windows Mobile 2003, symbian, etc).

Comment Re:No market (Score 1) 114


There was a problem starting Bananabread. Please see the Troubleshooting section below for more information.

Technical Details: WebGL is missing.
That much about web based apps that just work.
Wiki says:
"Mozilla Firefox - WebGL has been enabled on all platforms that have a capable graphics card with updated drivers since version 4.0"

Last firefox, ati 5770, what the heck?

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