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Comment Kinda like JSF (Score 1) 358

I did JSF for 5 years, went to an interview and they asked me what I thought of it. Instead of saying what I really thought, (I think its a POS) I answered in the political "Its not right for all situations". This was before Oracle bought Sun. The guy then started telling me how great is was and if it wasn't super nifty for everything why did Sun recommend it, etc. My response, if it was so great, why didn't Sun use it on their own site? Everyone in the room laughed, and I didn't get the job, not that I wanted it after that.

Comment Wrong Help (Score 1) 107

I didn't give up on college because I didn't want to code. I gave up because for some reason the teachers thought knowing that the old woman that was in the navy invented COBOL was somehow important. Tests had nothing to do with ability to code. .. Here is 100 lines of code, whats wrong with it. Oh there is a semi colon missing somewhere. Yea that's a really good test.

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