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Comment Re:Market Opportunity (Score 1) 93

There are many such games. I played one last night, it's called Faster Than Light. I played another one last week, it's called Baldur's Gate. I played another one last month, it's called The Banner Saga. In fact, I play games often, and I have not purchased anything that didn't make sense to purchase and I have yet to run out of quality games to play in my lifetime. My backlog is so long I'll never finish it. Vote with your wallet, there are tons of good choices out there.

Comment Re:Different cities, different strokes (Score 1) 427

Yes, sometimes it doesn't work out. I would still rather live someplace where my fellow parkers offer up their remaining time than someplace where my fellow parkers pit me against others bidding for their space. I'm okay with taking someone else's now expired receipt and tossing it in the rubbish for them after they offered it to the world to use.

Comment Different cities, different strokes (Score 1) 427

I live in a city where we pay for parking at a meter and get a receipt with the expiration time. Often times, if one is completed with their business and there's a good chunk of time left on the receipt, they will affix it to the meter so that the next person doesn't have to pay. I much prefer my city to San Francisco when it comes to parking etiquette.

Comment Re:That's annoying! (Score 1) 427

This job, did it pay very well? A $100 expense to not be late to a shift seems awfully not worth it unless you are being paid well. Also, seeing as the parking lot is their private property, I wouldn't be surprised if an employee could convince a judge that "being fired for being two seconds late to my job while the employer was allowing third parties to charge $100 for the privilege of parking on their private property" is not just cause and win some damages.

Comment Re:Legally questionable, doomed to fail! (Score 3, Insightful) 427

I'm responding as if you meant "They probably don't display the location of the auctioneer until you've actually won".

If they don't tell me the location of the spot, I'm not bidding. Parking spot location is the top datum required for a bidder to make a rational evaluation, followed closely by the size.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 328

Woah, when did Netflix start showing advertisement? When I was a subscriber (before they doubled their rates) they had none and it was somewhat worthwhile to access their catalog. Then their catalog shrunk, then their rates went up and now I hear they've added adverts? I sure hope they lowered their rates or increased the size of their catalog.

Comment Re:Having used both (Score 3, Insightful) 314

I don't care if it takes me 2 seconds or 0.2 seconds to shift gears. That's not the performance I need from my car. What I need from my car is being able to downshift *prior* to needing to accelerate, like when anticipating a merge. What I need from my car is being able to use the clutch to apply just the right amount of power to the wheels to get traction on slippery surfaces, like when pulling out of an icy parking spot over snow onto a plowed road.

You are correct though, that a computer can control the clutch more quickly than I can, but it doesn't see (yet) when I need power and downshift before I need it or how to apply just the right amount of power to gain traction on surfaces that are not uniform (again, yet).

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