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Comment Re:The grind never ends (Score 2) 247

Games do not by definition, have a winning state and conversely a losing state. Many do, to be sure. You might want to read up on the philosophy of games a bit. I can recommend Huizing's Homo Ludens as a good starting point. Even of the definitions listed on Wikipedia's entry for Game, many of the definitions do not mention a winning state.

Comment Re:The US Financial Berlin Wall Won't Allow That (Score 3, Informative) 377

Unless things have changed very recently, the US government allowed you to file a form informing them of the taxes you paid to your resident country and deduct that amount from your US taxes. If you lived in most of the civilised world, that meant you paid more than the US rate anyhow and had a US tax liability of $0.

Comment Re:Just turn off the car? (Score 1) 911

When you get old enough to drive, and try driving a car with essentially no steering (because the power steering pump is no longer providing pressure) and little brakes (ditto for the brake pump)... you'll understand.

Power steering is completely useless at speeds over 30 km/h and power breaks will get you a good two more firm applications of the breaks before they lack the power to assist. I recommend more driving experience before you abuse others with your faulty theoretical knowledge.

Comment Re:Seems silly (Score 1) 127

Under a requirement to pass this password to a third party when "linking accounts" (that is, making requests of the third party on the user's behalf). It could be stored encrypted in the database, but with what key?

If the user is passing a clear-text password, you could use that as the key for their other passwords. Use your stored hash to validate their password, use their password as the key for their third-party data.

If the user-agent is passing a hashed password, use a different hash as the key for third-party data. Send both hashes to the server, which uses one for authentication and the other for decryption of the third-party data.

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