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Comment Re:You're the product, not the customer. (Score 1) 130

. Would you prefer they extract .001/$YOUR_LOCAL_CURRENCY from your bank account everytime you use it?

Yes and no.

The problem with ad-supported the searcher-is-the-product Google is that it is exploitative to those that don't realize the ramifications since it's not in Google's best interest to be completely honest with how they operate and monetize. Those in the know can prevent some of those techniques they understand from harvesting their every bit, but the majority are in the dark. To me, that feels a bit underhanded.

The problem with for-pay the searcher-is-the-customer Google is that any payment scheme that is easy and secure to use today will require tying all those searches to an account, giving Google not only revenue from searchers, but unavoidable information about them too. That's double-dipping, and feels a bit overmuch.

One could I suppose sell anonymous search codes at the local cash shop and have them be good for 100 searches or whatnot. Or some other scheme, but that's not very cheap in a cost per payment method nor is it very convenient.


Incomplete PDF Redaction Leaks Data From UK MoD 171

An anonymous reader writes "The UK Ministry of Defence has been left with egg on its face, after a supposedly redacted PDF detailing secrets related to air defence radar systems was published on a parliamentary website. The problem? Whoever did the redacting simply changed the sensitive text to black on a black background, making it possible for anyone to access the information simply by cutting-and-pasting. The incident is particularly embarrassing for the Ministry, as six months ago precisely the same security screw-up occurred — that time related to sensitive information about nuclear submarines."

Comment Re:The sane users already left Dodge. (Score 1) 133

to some extent the BBC UK service, but certainly the BBC World Service, trail the "contact us at facebook" line for programs - it is the only way they are allowing people to contact them. It is insidious.

They publish their contact address:

BBC World Service
Bush House, The Strand
London WC2B 4PH

They also have a web-form to contact them:

Comment Re:Anti Anti-Virus? (Score 1) 389

Oh, wait, that'd require forming your own opinion, as well as actual cognitive reasoning, and you're an iOS user. Silly me.

Forming one's own opinion and applying actual cognitive reasoning does not go very well with making broad sweeping generalisations about an entire user-base with diverse needs to fill. Especially when the person you call an iOS user did not specify if they were in that set or not, merely commented that many iOS users are such because they feel a walled garden is safer. It's pretty presumptuous to attack him or her for not forming his or her own opinion based on a comment he or she made about a set of which his or her membership is unknown.

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