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Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 502

So being a multinational company you have to operate under all the laws simultaneously? So your US business depatment that only does business in the US has to obey all other countries laws, even through it does not do business there?

The discussion here is that if you have a corporation that does business in two countries, but countries' laws apply. You are talking about a corporation that does business in X being subject to laws in Y where they do not do business. That's a different case, and not the one we are discussing.

Comment Re:Very original (Score 1) 182

Name one of the services you're talking about. Any single one.

Cooking. Someone who puts a little effort into feeding themselves can make a good dinner for a family in ten minutes but instead many people re-heat terrible-for-you processed food at much higher costs (which does not even end up saving them much time/effort anyhow).

Comment Re:Fire(wall) and forget (Score 1) 348

Sure, in 99% of scenarios a local firewall makes sense, is a no-brainer, is defense in depth, etc. But one can absolutely deploy a system without one in the right circumstances.

Of course there is no absolute rule one way or the other, but for a vendor to refuse to permit a firewall on their system is a red flag that they did not weight the options but instead opted for the lazy development approach of assume all ports are fair game. That kind of development laziness is the exact scenario where defense in depth makes more sense than not! If the vendor had made a rational argument it would be a different scenario all together.

Comment Re:Fire(wall) and forget (Score 4, Insightful) 348

But again. What IS the threat of network traffic to a port no one is listening on? None. What your firewall is you protecting from is NOT bad stuff from the outside. It's protecting you from the inside danger that some service suddenly opens a port which is reachable from the outside. (Hate to dig out the old Win vs. *nix, but the usual suspects for this are usually Windows servers you need to lock down first, as they're usually asuming that they're in a friendly network. On *nix machines you usually need to manually add those services one by one, as you would open the ports on your firewall)

The firewall provides defense in depth. Yes, if nothing else goes wrong, the Firewall is unnecessary. On the other hand, if something else does go wrong, the firewall become another obstacle for the attacker.

Comment Re:I dont know a single one! (Score 1) 570

Not something relatives or acquaintances brag about I suppose.

What are the odds of this happening if I know 400 people and zero out of 35%? Must be at least 6-sigma!

The fact that you know 400 people's finances intimately (possibly even better than them since many people don't know everything on their credit report) is far more impressive than you not knowing anyone who has a debt in collections.

Not saying what you say is false, just impressive.

Comment What do most people mean by stream? (Score 3, Insightful) 152

Does terrestrial broadcast signal count as "streaming"? Most of the media that enters my consciousness is broadcast television, printed word, radio and video or audio streams from the internet. If we discount broadcast television and radio as streams, then I need to find a good way to measure the proportion of printed word against streaming audio and video. If we count broadcast television and radio as streams, then internet streaming is a very small perfect (5% or so) compared to those even if we discount printed word.

Really, I think the crux here is that printed word and internet audio or video streams are really hard to compare.

Comment Re:I can fix any current Mac OS. (Score 1) 165

I can fix any current Mac OS. Just go into the apps folder (flower-shift-a is the shortcut), then into utilities, then run shell application. Enlarge the window to full screen. Bingo, you're in a bash shell where you can talk to a proper unixy command line interface.

Or command-space then type "terminal" and hit enter for faster bash access.

Comment Re:GOG discovers DOSBOX works on Linux (Score 5, Interesting) 81

Your snide comment aside: what they discovered is a desire to test the market for circa five dollar legitimate copies of good games with tested and updated DOSBox and/or Wine configurations so that users do not have to Google, tweak and retweak things to get a game to run only to find out three-quarters of the way through the game that it crashes.

I would much rather pay a reasonable amount for that rather than spend my gaming time tinkering; that's good value for me. If I liked tinkering, I wouldn't be their target market though and I might be making snide comments on Slashdot with my time.

Comment Re:This must be confusing to y'all (Score 2) 66

If you are tracking a company's performance by its stock price it's kind of laughable

I agree, but the poster to which I replied was bragging about how MSFT is doing so well and his stock portfolio is being counted by him and he is enjoying life. I merely pointed out that MSFT did not even perform better than the index.

Comment Re:This must be confusing to y'all (Score 1, Informative) 66

Hmmm...they are doing just fine and getting stronger. How can that be - according to this message board Linux rules and is taking over the world! Seems to fly in the face of the SD worldview. Keep dreaming...I'm counting my returns in stock portfolio and enjoying life. Curious how many of you zealots will admit how wrong you are.

They had not in the prior ten years gotten stronger than the S&P 500. If ten years ago you had invested in an index fund tracking the S&P 500, your return to today would be 77% instead of the 57% you would have received by investing in MSFT. Many other companies out-performed the S&P 500 in the same ten-year period.

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