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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 309

Buy software for $295 and use it for 10 years, company gets $295.

I don't think any software I use is ten years old. I don't feel like I must have the most recent version of everything I use, but ten years is a long time for software. Actually, I do still run nethack, which is more than ten years old.

Comment Re:Yay DRM (Score 1) 93

That's nice. Can I do that without Steam running? I want to protect against the case of them changing the EULA terms and I disagree to the changes and don't want to just close my account and lose access to these games. Like, can I basically use Steam to download my game, delete Steam and keep my games working?

Comment Re:Competition Sucks (Score 1) 507

Uber is playing by the rules (at least in the UK). In London you need a license to drive a cab and that license comes with various rules but also various benefits. Cabs are allowed to stop for passengers who flag them in the street, which Uber drivers and other services aren't. In the past this was fine with cabbies because it wasn't easy to get a non-cab quickly. Now with services like Uber it is often cheaper to do so.

In London cab licenses are for 12 months. If Cab drivers think that they would be better off driving for Uber then they are free to stop paying for a license and to do so.

If that's the case then I have no understanding of the situation.

Comment Re:Yay DRM (Score 3, Interesting) 93

Is Steam stopping me from playing the games I purchased? No? Then I don't really care. Steam doesn't get in my way, and is quite convenient for installing a game on multiple computers (plus I don't have to keep track of disks). Find something worth complaining about.

Yes Steam is probably the best, most consumer-friendly DRM distribution system around, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care at all. Unless you are happy having all your games rendered unplayable if Steam goes offline / Valve goes out of business. In the scale of a year that's unlikely, but in 10? 50? Quite apart from the legitimate short-term disadvantages, I think in 50 years we will look back on this period of time in the same way we view the lack of archiving of television in the mid-20th century, as a massive unnecessary black hole in our cultural history.

Worse, you run the risk of having all your Steam games unplayable if they accuse you of cheating. If they do that, you have no legal recourse. Also, you run the risk of having your EULA for all your games altered. Your option, should you not want the new terms, is to close your Steam account and lose access to all your purchases.

The second one is the deal breaker for me. I do not go an buy something and agree that they can take it away from me whenever they want and I can do nothing about it. That's just a really stupid deal to make. If they don't plan on doing it, then why make you agree to it? That's really scummy.

Comment Re:Why does MADD not support Uber? (Score 1) 507

People drink and drive mostly in locations where there are not alternatives to driving. I've not really seen many drunk drivers downtown as people walk to the pub. All the drunk drivers I've seen have been in the suburbs. There, taxis cost the same, but the pub is further. It appears that pub density is the problem, not taxi prices.

Comment Re:Oh NOEEES! (Score 1) 507

Not a better method! Don't take my JARRRRB. Lets pass laws to keep inefficiencies in the market so I don't have to adapt! Its almost like a whole new MPAA or RIAA. Seriously people. New business models are GOOD.

Either Uber plays by the current laws, or we free the current taxi companies from those same laws. Allowing one group to legally operate under different (and cheaper) laws because they are newcomers is pretty unfair. In my city, both taxis and Uber use a smartphone app to dispatch and have up-front flat rates, yet they are regulated differently and I think that sucks.

Comment Re:Competition Sucks (Score 2, Insightful) 507

>That privileged access is a requirement from the government itself.

And they are lobbying their governments to keep that privileged access. Being undercut by a cheaper competitor is certainly competition.

Party A plays by the rules and therefor has higher costs. Party B does not play by the rules and has lower costs. Party A is angry at the unfairness of this situation. I agree that the rules are dumb, but unfairness rankles me more. Either Uber buys taxi licenses for its drivers or we abolish taxi licenses. Until then, the should both play by the rules.

Comment Re:On the heels of the recent eBay data breach... (Score 1) 76

I sympathize with that somewhat and have some misgivings about them myself but for me, they haven't actually crossed the line yet. I'd be most happy for someone else to come along and kick their arse, however.

We draw the line in very different places. I do not place trust in an organization that has already in my eyes violated the trust of their other users several times and even when admitting it was in err not addressing the issue completely (refunding donations to a charity but keeping all the fees it earned on those donations, for example).

Comment Re:On the heels of the recent eBay data breach... (Score 1) 76

Paypal rarely, if ever, screws over the people who spend money with them. All the horror stories are about how paypal screws over the merchants by freezing the money in their accounts or forcing refunds for bogus claims of the product not being delivered.

I'm no fan of paypal but it doesn't help to blur their problems together.

We will never know if the claims are bogus or not, or why accounts are frozen because PayPal does not tell us. They act with whimsy and we have no legal recourse.

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