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Comment If you're worried about USB you already lost. (Score 1) 381

If you're worried about USB or any other device access you've already lost. Anyone who can SEE the screen can snap a pic of the screen. Or a few hundred screen pics. And even if you strip everyone naked as they enter the building, and you scan them for hidden devices hidden inside body orifices, the fundamental issue is that information can be carried out in someone's memory, and that person is capable of talking.

Compartmentalizing who can access what may limit the range of what any particular insider can release, and reduce the number of insiders able to release any particular thing, but fundamentally people need to see the information to do their job.

Threat of prosecution can keep people's moths shut to some extent, but if you're engaging in illegal or immoral activity then sooner or later some insider is likely to decide to "do the right thing" even if it means huge self sacrifice.

As others have indicated, maintain goodwill and loyalty. At a minimum maintain some level of respectability for organization, and some level of respect for your employees. That is the *only* thing that can protect you against the threat of a self-sacrificing insider trying to "do the right thing".


Comment Re:Horrible Summary (Score 1) 198

Given that the "U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration" is explicitly mentioned, the summary automatically rules out your localities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK

How quaint, assuming that U.S. laws and U.S. Law Enforcement still stay within U.S. borders.


Comment Re:Failed? (Score 1) 113

True, but it's a really lousy way to write a news headline. "Study finds no reduction in prosocial behavior from playing violent videogames" would be a far less contorted headline. Heck, standard headline style would be to go with something more generalized and vastly clearer: "Study finds no harm from violent videogames".


Submission + - German Court Affirms GPL: Source Must Match Executable

Alsee writes: Fantec was found to be distributing Linux based media players with an incorrect (older) version of source code. Fantec blamed their Chinese supplier for the problem, but a German Court ruled Fantec was responsible for ensuring their own compliance with the GPL. "According to the court, the company should have checked the completeness of the sources themselves or with the help of experts, even if that would have incurred additional costs." I propose a better solution. If your company is subcontracting software development simply use the supplied source to compile your executable.

Comment Re:Beware the roads! (Score 1) 314

Yeah we would be better off without fire. I grant its astonishing capabilities: the sharpening sticks, cooking food, keeping us warm, lighting the darkness, the convenience of GPS and much more. But the fire's benefits are relatively modest compared with the terrifying dangers it brings.


Comment Re:The guy has no clue (Score 1) 314

Yeah, this guy couldn't make it past the third sentence without tagging himself as technologically illiterate. I can't believe he tried to cite GPS as a benefit of the internet.

Any organization that does not want the risks that come from connecting systems to the net can disconnect theirs.

I fundamentally agree with you ten-million percent.... but to be fair critical systems connected to the internet is not a an easily solved technological problem.... and that's because it's not a technological problem at all. It's a people problem. If you can figure out a fix for people problems then there's about a half-dozen Nobel Prizes soon to arrive at your doorstep.


Comment Re:It makes perfect sense. (Score 4, Funny) 164

You didn't think something 4.5 billion years old would have a few wrinkles?

Dude, the universe is only 6,000 years old and all the stuff about evolution and stars millions of light years away are nothing but lies straight from the pit of hell. Voyager is going to be destroyed any day now as it crashes head-on into the firmament. Hopefully in the last few seconds it can send back the sound of the flood waters being held back by the firmament.


Comment Re:Idiots (Score 2) 433

Reject DRM in total and you will see a gradual decrease in the number of new movies

The music industry spent around a decade refusing to sell music online unless it was wrapped in DRM, and they saw falling sales or stagnant growth. Recently the music industry gave up the DRM crusade and started allowing MP3 and other non-DRM music sales. And guess what? They started seeing better growth. Oh, some of them still pull out the bullshit line claiming "sales are declining", but the unstated details making that a bald LIE is that "physical disk sales are down" while digital sales are up resulting in total sales being up. Not to mention that concert revenue and other secondary revenue streams are up.

The claim that dropping DRM will result in fewer movies being made is ideological and based on a wildly simplistic view of the issue. It's impossible to predict any exact outcomes, but one thing is certain. Any change (in one direction or the other), will only be MARGINAL. Some percentage increase or decrease. And you know what? The number of movies and TV shows and other content being produced each year is already vastly more than any person can physically view. Hollywood alone shovels out just about one and a half movies per day. Plus of course domestic non-Hollywood production and the vast number of movies produced abroad. Hell, Bollywood puts out three movies per day. Obviously India must be utilizing far more DRM than we do (tag: sarcasm, for the sarcasm impaired).

*IF* you're right that abandoning DRM would result in fewer movies being made.... and that's a big if.... it merely means a marginal decrease, and that marginal decrease would strike movies that were only marginal to produce in the first place. Any dregs shaken out at the bottom would reduce the competition (and thereby shore up the profits) of all the better movies.

The demands for DRM are pig-shearing.
Plenty of squealing, not much wool.


Comment Re:Idiots (Score 2) 433

If they are widely adopted by browsers all of the existing streaming services/content that use Flash for DRM will ditch it in favor of HTML5.

True, but your vision is still far too short.
If this sort of DRM starts getting broadly deployed in browsers then some ordinary websites that despise hate ad-blockers (aka "thieves") will go through whatever radical contortions are necessary to only present their content through this system. The results will be a vile ugly and only borderline-functional as a webpage, but they will do it. And once some websites start doing it, there will be enormous pressure to "fix" the system so that those broken websites work better... and enormous pressure to make it easier for other websites to be able to use it too without turning their sites into broken dysfunctional messes.

Once you become dedicated to the expectation that web browsers can and do implement this sort of DRM system, the only rational path is to keep fixing "problems" "limitations" and "flaws" in the system until it works easily cleanly and completely for all web content.

Either this system is going to die, or it's going to adapt to the point that any common website concerned about "content theft" or ad-blockers can easily DRM the entire pages and entire websites with little more than clicking a few standard server options.


Comment Re:Everybody has a horse in this race. (Score 1) 309

Everybody who's concerned with the rate at which the current administration is eroding our rights has a horse in this race

Hell Yeah! The administration is eroding our rights!

I'd never buy one of those hippy treehugger electro-dud cars anyway, but it's the Last Damn Straw when Obama starts making state laws in four random states telling me I'd have to buy one from a dealership rather than the manufacturer!

Ship that commie muslim foreigner anti-christ Barack Hussein Obama back to hell where he belongs, before he can finish his agenda turning our children gay!

Warning for the mentally retarded: This post was packaged in a facility that processes satire and mockery.


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