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Comment Access? (Score 1) 427

What about the fact we access the internet through a private party? This company is not obligated to uphold any of the constitution (not that I am über-pro business). Access through a private company is like saying th 2nd amendment allows you to carry a firearm at a bank or bar, both being private property that generally does not allow private citizens to carry weapons there, but are not violating the right to bear arms.

Comment Happens to us (Score 2) 138

We have a service based business and we have a client that every year crosses off parts of our TOS and sends it back. We ignore it. If you don't agree to our TOS or want to change it in any way you just don't get the service. as it is they simply cross the part off their risk management doesn't like (hold harmless and limit of liability) and send it to us. We sign nothing. Our insurance mandates our clients agree to those two clauses or they are not covered, it's that simple.

Comment Funnything (Score 2) 449

Being that I live in Anchorage, I would think someone in Alaska would talk about this. Not so, it's all quite on the Alaska news front. In fact I just drove the Alcan for my 17 time. FYI, it's still not "done". They are still working to finish paving above Destruction Bay. Why is it a bunch of people who have never set foot in the Yukon think that they can put a rail in? Then the miles in Western Alaska that has never seen a road. I would love to see land based access open up in western AK, but I see this project as wishful thinking based on the current admin in power in Alaska.

Comment um, how would I know? (Score 2) 103

What if I host images in CA and my database in TX? (and both states enact this kind of legislation) would my customers have to pay both state sales tax?

As it is I have no idea where my shared linux hosting account is. Now you want me to collect taxes there?

This is so simple even lawyers will have to make a run before messing it up (but I knows they'll try).

Comment Re:Highly-trained my ass (Score 1) 457

Look it's $12 a hour ok. There's a big difference! /sarcasm (with location COLA pay it was $18 an hour here). And yea I was there for 5 months and 70% of the people working there were "I gots me a gov'ment job with benefits now" it's McyD's every night from now on! But yes it should be a professional LEO job.

It sucked and I defiantly read the writing one the wall and was all "out of here". I was appalled by most of the other screeners attitudes.

Oh, by the way even in 2005 they trained us all (in the 10 day security course) how to tell the difference between liquid explosives and, say, soda in the X-ray. In fact I bet most humans with any kine sense could after looking at image A or image B.

I will say that I have met people that failed the entrance exam as well as people who did not pass the Screener Basic Training course on the first go (I think they let people take it 3 times).

Comment Re:Why did they let her on the plane at all? (Score 3, Informative) 582

And that's why I quit after 4 months. A few things tipped me off. This was before the shoe and liquid BS. 1) I stopped a kid with a small chain with a weight on each end (also called a manriki-gusari). The security "manager" over ruled that and let him on the plane with it. Then I went though a checkpoint with and IED (inert C4) without alarming in any way. Then another screener failed to find a firearm in a XRAY then hand search during testing. then during training about terminal evacuation for bomb threats one TSA lady stood up and made a huge scene "I anin't goin down there if there is a re-port of a bomb, uh-ah, no way, I anin't paid to do that, I anint a cop". I said in my head, I am out of here. There is about 5% who want it to be effective. I head from their own lips "I got me a good government job now". Yeah, not now, everyone hates you.

Comment Re:...opaque language is the norm. (Score 1) 374

Even with a lawyer I have found they only look for what you tell them to look for. Lawyers, easy for them to hide something,hard for another to find something if they don't know what they are looking for given the "find anything wrong with this" instruction. Their point of view and reference is WAY off. IMEXP I have found lawyers very lacking to even do their job of protecting you.

Comment could be, could be, but WHAT? (Score 1) 391

In the main CCD sensor there is an IR filter. So how would this work if you cover the other sensors with tape (that is a clear no brainer)? I have an iPhone and I am getting pissed at all these companies trying to protect me from myself (That's the BS premise protect the copy write holder by preventing me from breaking the law). Imagine a gun or even motocycle company trying to prevent people from doing illegal things with their products. Why the iPhone, get a FLIP (I know it's a POS) or the any dozen of pocket cams offered by companies like thinkgeek for under a $100. If you are going to bootleg something why not go the extra inch. And not that I have ever recorded a protected event other then taking ironic photos in the bank of their VERY customer service oriented posters with a line of 20 and only one teller.

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