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Comment Re:Supporting the revolution - only when it's safe (Score 2) 323

Whoa, someone with an axe to grind... Are you seriously saying we shouldn't thank them for supporting the people of a nation because they don't host mirrors for something completely unrelated? And tell me, have you any proof that it's not possible to donate money to Wikileaks via Google Checkout? Last time I looked, there was no indicator to this... And I'm not even going to ask you what gives you the higher moral ground to attack a company that does more than any other tech giant and (presumably) more than you...

Comment Re:How much does it cost to set up local BSD/Linux (Score 2) 164

Two weeks ago, I knew next to nothing about mail administration. I do however have enough experience as generic sysadmin. Took me about 3-4 hours reading into documentation for smtp, imap, exim (+addons), then about half an hour of configuration and now our working group (30 people) has a nicely working public facing mail server, all with aliases, mailing lists, synchronisation,...

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