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Comment The FED (Score -1) 371

When you print money to pay off debts the currency devalues and it is a no brainer. THe exchange rates are going downhill as the house wants to debate whether to default or not eveyr 3 months.

Therefore, the Bank of Australia wants a higher percentage to avoid the risk as the dollar is the worlds worst currency right now with the highest risk. ... Well Japan might be tieing the US in this area if the government improves more printing of money.

So MS responds with the 30% premium to convert dollars to Australias currency by passing it on to the consumer.

IT also explains why healthcare costs are skyrocketing up with insurnace, food, housing and student loans while incomes decline. All this free money given to rich by low interest rates inflates the money supply.

Comment Re:Titles (Score 1) 146

The issue is the stupid shareholders and investors. The CEO will loose his or her job if they want to hire Americans who wont steal instead.

Have you ever watched Shark Tank? Mark Cuban is on that show and basically unless you are willing to move to China they wont even talk to you! One lady went on and said she did just that and her supply copied her design and went around her and sold it at the major retailers for less cost and practically put her under. The investors with the exception of Cuban still didn't get it and just blamed her for not being innovative enough.

Not hey perhaps giving away IP to China is not smart unless you can hire an army of patent lawyers first and grease the palms of government officials first. Idiots.

Comment Re:IE 6? (Score 1) 91

Why is this down voted?!? as a web developer I wish IE 6 would disappear into a deep dark recess and never come out! For the site I develop we stopped supporting it ages ago and instead post a banner that basically says "HEY! STOP IT! Upgrade or get a different browser you ninnys" ... something like that if I remember right.

It pretty much has. Not even microsoft's website works properly in it anymore and if MS abandons it you can consider it effectively dead for all but specialized internal apps.

With VMWare and Citrix as well as WIndows Server 2003 you can virtualize and run your crappy app inside a modern browser. There is no good business case to use it on a desktop anymore as it is in the realms of legacy x3270 terminal programs now. May it RIP.

That is why it is modded down.The last place I seen it used was in 2011 on a desktop. IE 8 on the otherhand will be the next big challenge as corps use only that version because it is a stopover between XP and WIndows 7 and yuo can prey IE 8 off their cold dead heands.

Comment Re:why 3gb ram and not 4gb or 8gb++? (Score 1) 159

Or salary in this case if they hire 3 more people instead of 1 because a 15 minute job takes 4+ hours. Penny wise, but dollar dumb. His boss obviously does not care but his bosses boss or beancounter would. ... unless of course the beancounter is just as incompetent as his IT guy and focus just on the cost of the workstation and says well we are still in business so why change. Lets save $800 instead and hire 2 more guys at $120,000 so I can get my bonus for saving the company money etc.

Got to love corps who view IT as simply a cost.

Comment Re:why 3gb ram and not 4gb or 8gb++? (Score 2) 159

Sounds like your IT guy needs to have his walking papers signed by HR.

Make a business case and document and report it. I am sure the beancounters will shit their pants when they see you wasted $30,000 in lost salary to save $3,000 on a workstation. My above example is for office users with 4,000+ computers where it is simply not possible to upgrade. Only a major refresh signed by the CIO all at once will get the dinosaurs out. IN that scenario 512 megs of ram is very slow but can work for light office work fine if you stick with Office 2k3, adobe 8, and IE 6.

Many of these systems are common for home users too. In this economy $11/hr is the new norm for college students. Simply pitching a perfectly working computer does not make economic sense more than replacing a video card if you saved money for awhile to do so if you are a gamer making that wage.

But you are more valuable than working off the click demonstrate it to your bosses boss with your boss around and casually mention how you can do half your days job in 15 minutes on a modern computer and see what he says?

Such backward thinking IT people who do not want to do their job are incomptentent and need to go.

Comment Re:why 3gb ram and not 4gb or 8gb++? (Score 2) 159

Most corporations only have 512 - 1024 megs of ram. The ones who finished moving to Windows 7 have more sane amounts but many still have 512 and only have 5 tabs or less in Firefox or IE when browsing and that is perfectly fine for general use.

Not everyone is a slashdot geek with 8 gigs of ram, SSD, and decent video cards with their modded desktops.

Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE patch to fix 57 vulnerabilities ( 1

Billly Gates writes: Microsoft is advising users to stick with other browsers until Tuesday when 57 patches for Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9, and even 10.. There is no word if this patch is to protect IE from the +50 java exploits that were patched last week or the new Adobe flash vulnerabilities that were just posted earlier today. Microsoft has more information here. In semi related news IE 10 is almost done for Windows 7 and has a IE10blocker available for the corporations. No word on whether IE 10 will be included as part of the 57 updates.

Submission + - Adobe hopes a pop-up dialog box will thwart Flash attacks via Office docs (

tsamsoniw writes: "In the wake of the most recent zero-day attacks exploiting Flash Player, Adobe claims that it's worked hard to make Player secure — and that most SWF exploits stem from users opening infected Office docs attached to emails. The company has a solution, though: A forthcoming version of Flash Player will detect when it's being launched from Office and will present users with a dialog box with vague warnings of a potential threat."

Submission + - In 2011, Fracking Was #2 in Causing Greenhouse Gas in US (

eldavojohn writes: According to Bloomberg, drilling and fracking results in greenhouse gases second only to coal power plants in the United States. From the article, 'Emissions from drilling, including fracking, and leaks from transmission pipes totaled 225 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalents during 2011, second only to power plants, which emitted about 10 times that amount.' According to Mother Jones, we now have more giant methane fireballs than any other country in the world and we can now see once dim North Dakota at night from space.

Comment Not really (Score 4, Interesting) 159

At least not reliably.

The issue is PCI express 1.0 and 1.1 performance on 2.0 cards and later. Geforces have been known to crash using an earlier slot technology or on lower end systems. Maybe that has changed since the 9600GTX, but I switched to ATI for this reason. Even many Radeons are only tested with later hardware and instability and other bottlenecks happen as many games as Windows swaps video ram to the system ram even when there is plenty of ram available.


Submission + - GNOME D-Bus finds its way into the Linux Kernel (

An anonymous reader writes: GNOME D-Bus finds its way into mainstream Linux Kernel. As this was another decision that found its agreement at FOSDEM 2013. this besides going Java Scrip and Sandboxing Apps.

Submission + - Texas school board searching for another theory besides evolution (

An anonymous reader writes: [Ars Technica] recently reviewed the documentary The Revisionaries, which chronicles the actions of the Texas state school board as it attempted to rewrite the science and history standards that had been prepared by experts in education and the relevant subjects. For biology, the board's revisions meant that textbook publishers were instructed to help teachers and students "analyze all sides of scientific information" about evolution. Given that ideas only reach the status of theory if they have overwhelming evidence supporting them, it isn't at all clear what "all sides" would involve.

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