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Comment Re:Old News (Score 1, Insightful) 451

Update 13 is already out, and *not* blocked by Apple. All that's blocked are the old, insecure (well, more insecure) versions.

Except all the corporate java apps rely on Java 1.4,5, and 6. I use Java 6 for Android SDK. It wont run on anything else. Java 7 is terrible and not as good as the more stable and secure version 6 which is mature. Does Cisco WebEX use Java 7 yet? I use Java 6 for that as well.

If I owned a Mac I would BE PISSED OFF. I am not stupid and know how to disable it for web browsing, but many apps use older java versions.

Comment Re:MS is about to lose its Windows monopoly (Score 2) 270

I think it will all be over for MS of they port Office to iOS and Android.

Think 10 years from now what will be available? Clouds, managed service providers, outsourced IT, HTML 5/6 apps in browsers and applets. Where does Win32 sit in there? It doesn't. Doe the managers today want ugly Metro bulky laptops or sleek sexy IPADS?

Hell, today Citrix makes software as a browser plugin where you can run your IE 6 shit apps on a remote Windows 2k3 server just fine. It is all secured, locked, and works in many different platforms. Now Windows is not needed.

The only thing today in 2013 that is holding management by their balls is Office. Want to check those meetings? Ohh wait I do not have outlook on my IPAD. Want to edit that memo for ... oh wait I need my windows PC with word to do that etc.

Office 365 might do serious damage too as it is not tied to IE or Windows. If I can run Office on my Galaxy tab Android device with my blue tooth keyboard and docking station (this is in the future) then I do not need Metro or Windows 8.

I agree with Balmer on this. Apple is too dangerous and powerfull and you and I both know business users will only get Windows RT pads as IT departments realize Office is a must. It is the glue.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 270

Lotus was the #1 threat more than MacOS back in 1989. WordPerfect as well was high up there for MS. Dos aint done until Lotus wont run remember?

It would make sense for them to port it and even make some money in the process. MS needed Office to run on everything gui so that way offices with Pcs and Macs could use the same software and share files back and forth. Yes, MS wanted them to use Windows but Windows 3.0 was not out yet. Windows 1.x was an ugly dos shell really.

IT was the same reason MS developed IE for Solaris and MacOS, and MacOSX. Because at the time Netscape was more of a threat then their Windows monopoly. Of course we all know what happened next after MS killed the competition. IE became Windows only.

This time around Apple is more of a threat. Windows RT/8/mobile have single digit marketshare with Android and Apple taking up everything. What will stop the corps 10 years from now from sticking with Windows then? My guess is cloud and HTML 5 apps like will be SAP, Oracle, and everything else where no PC or version of IE will be required. The IT department can be eliminated and outsourced with a managed service provider and works can switch to Tablets with keyboards.

Whoops no more Windows except to run ancient shit through a Citrix browser terminal session. Office needs to be Windows only and I would consider cancelling the mac version if I were Balmer too.

People must need to get used to Metro if it is going to survive and if you want to run Word then too bad you need a Windows 8 device to do so.

Comment Re:Fat chance (Score 1) 270

The corporate market is not going anyware. First, MS Office is the defecto standard. Nothing can compare or is 100% compatible iwth all its proprietary formats nor integrates with what they have.

Second, with Google's refusal to support IE 6 and IE 7 plus now even refusing the modern IE 8 means a no go to businesses.

Before I get bashed for calling IE 8 cutting edge, 90% of intranet apps wont support anything newer. This is new software sold right now in 2013 requires it! Sorry Google but HTML 5 is a 2021 technology when Windows 7 goes EOL, not a 2013. We wont switch and many large enterprises like Chase Bank are spending $30 million right this econd upgrading to IE 8. To these CIOs that browser is cutting edge because their +50 apps before it still required IE 6 or 7.

Third, MS wants you to use Metro for everything and if Office is on Android and IOS it means we no longer need Windows. A terrible move for them. Balmer is right and I would have killed it or at least developed them privately for MS employees only and only if Windows RT/Windows Mobile 8 fail would I release them for other platforms.

Comment Security hole? (Score 1) 425

THe only difference between a crash and an exploit is one has control when the app leaves the bounds of its ram addresses. Since MacOSX apps have access to file:/// in strings that can leave the control of the app then logic would dictate someone could do a file://sh grep -i .../etc/host cp malware.BAD .../etc/host or something stupid.

I do not own a mac so I do not know. Maybe another slashdoter who owns one who is more intuned with where critical files and services are can try to do execute something with it?

Either way this is not good at all and poor exception handling of some of the string apis.

Comment Re:I can see both sides of this (Score 1) 366

I will probably never retire of find another woman again as I thought I was too good to take any job.

You are in your 30s, your life is not over. You're going through a hard time right now but many people go through a period of unemployment when it looks like they have no prospects and many marriages fail. It is painful, you have my sympathy. I've gone through some hard times myself and things are often not as hopeless as they seem while you are going through them.

Thanks. It is hard to believe that if it has been awhile when you are walking in those shoes. I am volunteering and have interviews for more permanent work next week. But I stand by my point that I do not deserve sympathy. Got the kick in the butt for refusing to do work I thought was under me and intend to use my example as a warning for others facing that deli-ma in this economy.

Comment Re:I can see both sides of this (Score 1) 366

I tried starting my own company. Here is the deal. My father wants me to get a real job and I feel like I am a teenager again with that prospect. He is right as I live under his roof.

I can do that after I have a regular job. Anyway, I have been doing contract work and been volunteering for free at the school district so I am well known enough to earn references working with children so I can substitute and maybe earn a teaching credential by next fall.

I have an interview next Wednesday. I used to live in Alaska when my wife left me. I did apply all last year and gave up on them. I love Alaska and would go back in a heartbeat if I had a job.

Thanks and my confidence is shit, but in the end I am embarrassed and it is my fault for not working as I let depression get to me. I will probably substitute teach even if it pays minimum wage in the meantime while I do other things.

Hopefully with my attitude re-adjustment (my original advice to those who say they are too good to do anything) that it will pay off. I just want this nightmare to end. Thanks for not being an asshole as I deserve a good kick.

Comment Re:If it hurts when you do that... (Score 1) 913

I was afraid something like that may happen.

My argument to use Windows 7 over XP and Linux is that your hardware is well supported and tested with Windows 7. True if the machine is a pentium IV Dell than the opposite is true. It costs money and techs reverse engineering drivers and .ini hacks to even get XP to book on a new machine.

It looks like OEMs are now only testing Windows 8, and maybe doing a quick non QA'd fix for Win 7. My hope is that will change fast!. My laptop came with Vista and XP support was missing for my wifi as well.

6 months later XP driver was created after many of us threatened to sue. Then we could downgrade to XP. Windows 7 is popular and will remain so for years. I think it is premature in general for any hardware maker to diss it until 2015 or so.

Comment Re:This is something to worry about (Score 1) 913

IE won because it was a much better browser at the time than Netscape or even early Mozilla. Firefix 1.5 is what finally beat IE 6 in standards compliance after all the quirks and rendering issues of Netscape were removed. If you can believe anything was worse than IE 6 it was Netscape.

I used to have a funny link from 2004 where they were chanting "Die netscape DIE. Time to get with the times etc".

Sure it was included with Windows too. The consumer wanted a quick web experience with there dialup lines and early IE fit the bill better.

Consumers likewise chose Windows 7 or XP unless they machine broke down and they need something NOW to get work done.

Comment Re:Just install Windows 7? (Score 1) 913

I assume they have a volume license for Windows 7 for all workstations right? If it is tiny it would be a much less hassle to order a copy of Windows 7 pro for $139 at Fry's. There should be room on that budget as 3x2 = 6 hours driving = $50 worth of gas. Half the price of an OEM version of Windows 7!

Speaking of Business edition. Windows Blue is coming out next summer. Thats right Windows 9 or 8.1 will be out in beta in a few months. Every year a new version will be released. You might as well get used to it as MS will surely not make the mistake of XP and IE 6 where it stinks and sticks so long people can't leave and vendors and users get used to it and locked in!

Windows 7 will be around in 10 years and I am sure Balmer will make sure WIndows 7 will be the last XP style OS that sticks around that long. How this will work? Who knows? MS should not do transitionairy releases to foce users to get used to Windows Phones they do not want as this is what MS admitted what caused the choice of the removal of the start menu.

My only hope is Windows 8.1 or 9 will address its shortcomings by keeping Metro but including a hybrid start where it wont eat up the whole desktop and resizable tiles and a taskbar for screens bigger than 7 inches. If MS did this then it would be usable for tablets and desktops alike but I will wait and see.

Comment Re:I can see both sides of this (Score 1) 366

Well I have a degree and I am eager to make less than your minimium wage at this point. I need that resume hole plugged. Many out of shool make $13/hr before takes (I do not know the exchange rate) which is frankly crap. Before 2009 they would earn $15-$17 an hour. Employers are taking advantage of this.

London though is outrageous. I can't see how any non lawyer, CEO, or doctor can afford a single one room place at the rents there so it is a give and take.

I would not want those wages on my worst enemy. It is really unfair as you still need food stamps and live a life of missery even if you are working so hard. You have nothing left and then some when even the most minor thing you want like a luxury item of a can of coke.

Comment Re:I can see both sides of this (Score 2) 366

I only have 2 references and have no money. I will accept a lower wage position and be happy I have a job or change fields. If I study I can become a teacher. I do not speak German anyway.

Thanks for the advice.

My point is sometimes we live in an employers market. Sometimes we live in an employees market. The employer has the strings and the 1950s - 1990s were an extrodinary time frame. Those opportunites are not there anymore or are there but to a lesser extent. I think working entry level and sucking it up with lower wages for 3 years is the way to go. I am sure that other poster can move into bigger and brighter things at the airport or ask to move into managerial positions. When the economy improves those who were like me and turned down these jobs will still remain unemployed as an HR filter.

I can't change this but I am just stating the facts if you are screwed over. The best thing to do is work and change fields. Yes it hurts you as you wont make as much as your previous salary, but perhaps you were overvalued anyway? Ever thought of that? You can make 80k a year again but it will take a few years. etc.

Comment Re:I can see both sides of this (Score 4, Insightful) 366

How about not living at home with your parents and being a loser no woman would want to be a mile away from? Isn't that worth getting up and going to work for?

Disclaimer, I did something stupid when the great recession hit. I graduated in 2009 and worked a few jobs before that. When times got hard I took any job I could get and my wife left me for a man with a steadier future who was not all pissed off about it.

I had to move back home with my parents. Insulting as i am in my 30s. I turned down jobs that paid 10/hr because I am worth more. I am educated and made more in the past right? Guess what.

Over a year has gone bye and the only look I had were 2 temp jobs in my field. Well, I lost my car, lost my posessions, and now employers feel I am lazy and not even worth $10/hr. My past references are gone and working for other people, and now I have a whole on my resume so big you can drive a truck through it!

If I could start over I would be happy to make $12/hr an hour with the other CS grads in my area working for IBM at their call center and not telling the headhunter to fuck himself when he offered $24,000 a year. I told him "Are you crazy! I owe $40,000 in student loans .."Now I am aiming for $16,000 a year. $7.25/hr with 40 hours a week lands you $16,500 a year. Can you believe that?

I will probably never retire of find another woman again as I thought I was too good to take any job. So I know I am going to be bashed and insulted here saying "I brought this on my self or I am an idiot". But my lesson for any reader is if you are offered a position take it! Do it, and after a year quit or be promoted. Not everyone gets to make $40k a year out of school. It is 2013. THere are hundreds of H1B1 visa works happy to do it for less with +8 years experience!

Go whine at the situation all you want but at the end of the day you are responsible for your upkeeping or your families. I hope I can make $38,000 again some day but right now I really need to earn it. You need that experience and a very good trackrecord for that salary.

Outside of Silcon Valley I know of no one making $80k a year (read your other post). Wages are and have been going down for many years. It is a fact of life and I applaud the grandparent as I am sure he made the right move and will get rewarded quicker than from what I did.

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