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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 89

Mod up!

I am so sick and tired of the MS sucks bal bla, but Unix is infalliable that persists here.

The ones who say Linux never gets viruses always have rootkits on their servers because it is a dangerous assumption. MS is at least trying and has more security features of any operating system. So there are a few vulnerabilities. I am sure Gnome, X, and Linux have similiar ones as well.

Comment Re:Is Google trying to fragment web? (Score 1) 165

Or need to use Chrome for apps and features that are not compatible with every other browser.

hmmm this sounds vaguely familiar. Like I remember a similiar time not too long ago.

6 months ago there was an HTML 5 demo that mysteriously only worked in Chrome advertised in slashdot. The trick most did not notice was it only worked in Chrome because it was HTML 5 based and had glue that was proprietary to Chrome.

We already went through this, and at work still are going through replacing IE 6 due to this sillyness. I do not want to be stuck in a similiar situation a decade from now you write for Chrome, and it then breaks in every other browser as you have to find some obscure AJAX api that mimicks NACL/Dart for a half assed experience for non Chrome users. Google would love this and be the king of their cloud based ecosystems and this is their plan.

Comment Re:Is Google trying to fragment web? (Score 1) 165

This is relevent to Chrome being the next IE 6 of the 2010s in my opinion.

I keep trying to say the same thing yet get modded down to flamebait half the time.

NACL is the new platform of choice for Chrome OS. Those who say it is opensource do not get that is means applications written in Dart and not AJAX. Also IE 6's HTML and CSS 1 support was opensource and documented too. Look at all the IE 6 apps they can't be ported that still run today! It is a mess.

I know Google is cool and MS is bad on MS but Google has mentioned they plan to port Chrome to Andriod if Chrome OS fails and use that as the new platform. Metro at least is more Ajax and open sourced in Windows 8 than NACL/Dart/and other other proprietary technology. Even if the source code is available it violates the spirit of the web

Comment Re:yeah just like the IBM PC never took off (Score 1) 266

No people didn't buy Macs because they cost $6,000 in today's dollars for the 1984 mac.

A commodore from that era was MUCH more economical. Rich business minded folks had IBM PCs at home as they were pricey but they got them because of work made them.

Ugly green monochrome graphics screamed professionalism and business while fonts and good graphics meant etcha-sketch to these idiots back then.

Most people did not use computers yet in the 1980s. Those who would prefer the mac simply did not own a computer yet and that was another factor.

Comment Re:yeah just like the IBM PC never took off (Score 1) 266

They own the mainframe market. For some mission critical apps like the whole banking infrustructure at BOA, FAA traffic controlling, package shipping, massive payroll processing, IBM is innovating.

AS400 has uptimes that would clobber any Linux or Wintel based server.

IBM is making more money than ever in these enterprise markets.

Comment Re:have they asked Nokia? (Score 1) 139

HTML 5 support, a great gui, silverlight and netflix, Xbox live, Zune music, etc.

I am not an MS fanboi and own an Andriod that I am not too thrilled with due to the plan and outrageous price I paid. The reviews I have seen are mostly positive and it is not perfect, but it is a BIG improvement over WindowsCE. If you hate MS at least give them credit they are really trying with Windows Phone and IE 9 and the upcomming 10 to not suck.

The multitasking bit, was readded as WindowsCE had it but MS gutted so much out for Windows Phone 7. In many ways Windows Phone is NT as WindowsCE is 95. Too similiar but different models. As Windows 8 comes out and apps go Metro the value of a Windows phone will go up. But I agree there are rough spots for it from the reviews I read. The phone would be a great tool for business people. But the demos I have seen show it less mature as the Driods and IPhones and it will take a few years to catch up. Windows mobile really is a new platform here

Comment Re:It could only be HP (Score 1) 139

Bitter from being laid off and humiliated by your former employer.

Being terminated is not fun and when it is not your fault it is infuriating. Since he is mentioning his dedication it shows that in his mind he gave everything to them and they still did not give a rats ass.

I would be upset too even if you are making twice as much now. It comes to show you can't trust your employers. Don't stay with a company because they treated you nice and gave you a career. Stay for a few years but look after the man in the mirror or your family. In the end you are only an expense and your employer can easily survive if you fell over dead tomorrow. Sad, but true.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 139

Leaving its core strength's and biggest revenue generator is not a minor transgression. That would have been the worst business deciscion in history right up with IBM letting MS market DOS to competitors and creating the clone market.

It is funny because CEOs keep justifying outsourcing and doing things to harm employees as a fudiciary duty to the shareholders and how they need the board of directors needs, yet no one can fire the ones at HP. Believe me many hedge fund managers have tried but do not have the support of everyone including HPs own employees who have some shares.

But the move to fire him was so the board of directors could keep their jobs. I agree they should be fired. They selected Carly Fiona which in my opinion is one of the worst rockstar CEOs today. Is the current board of directors the original board?

If I were Icahn, I would view a nice hostile takeover of HP with a new board. The current CEO is doing the right things currently but it is too early to tell. She is the only ones with the brains that dictate that "Gee. Perhaps we should focus on HPs core strengths!" she is treating employees a lot better from what I read. But still she admits she is an outsider an is not a tech company. They are a distributer and retailer company. She would probably be a better CEO of Barnes & Noble than HP which is a different market. Again, the board failed to see that and it shows they have no clue what their own company even is. GOD.

It might recover but we will wait and see. If your own CEO does not even believe in the value of your own products or its employees it is time to bail out.

Comment Re:It's simple. (Score 1) 139

Facebook is in the marketing and social networking market. Not phone/tablet market.

If they did buy it then Google, Apple, and MS would compete with their own social platforms and ruin facebook. Windows 8 has tweet-orama and facebook applets in Metro. That would quickly change if MS viewed Facebook as a competitor.

A very dumb move to buy them out indeed.

Comment Re:Greedy exec + access to loads of money = Proble (Score 2) 139

Actually Palm is not that bad. Blackberry gave it a black eye, but tablets is where WebOS could have made a difference. WebOS was a great OS in 2009 and HP didn't want to let Apple and Google eat up the market leaving HP out of computing.

When Hurd left, the new CEO viewed it as a failure and never invested heavily into the product. He then went on and told customers, BestBuy, and suppliers he has no plans to sell it. Gee, that really makes me want to go out and buy one now. lol

So BestBuy got nervous and pulled the plug within 60 days of launch! UGH

Sunken costs are not popular at HP as witnessed with them killing the Alpha processor because they invested in Itanium, but the last CEO didn't care and made some enemies at the board of directors.

HP is a horribly managed company starting with Carly Fiona. When accountants run the company the value goes into the shithole and greed takes over. All the good employees leave and you have a company with accountants and no engineers left. Either HP is going to have to rebuff WebOS and beg BestBuy and Walmart for forgiveness, or sell it for pennies and accept the loss. That is a tough one for the CEO as the board of directors and shareholders will have a riot if they do not get every penny back! Ouch

Comment Re:Lol (Score 2) 139

These decisions were made by different CEOs. The last HP CEO wanted to turn HP into another SAP (his previous employer) and turn HP into a totally different company and sell its hardware division. He also decided to spread fud about webOS not being supported which made consumers not want to buy them as he wanted to leave the tablet market. The other CEO Hurd bought it.The board fired him within a week which was the right thing to do.

You can't just become something else unrelated as it has failed many many times if you study business cases.

The current CEO decided to do a risk analysis, and determined it was totally retarded and made no business sense to sell its hardware division. Unfortunately, she did not do an analysis with WebOS because HP laid off the whole staff from the last CEO.

What irks me is WebOS failed because of the last CEO, not because of the product itself. It was only on the market for what a month! Then HP told everyone they were selling it. Once that happened consumers stayed away from it. Then the CEO basically said, see they are staying away from it therefore it is a failure! bla.

I am agaisn't excessive CEO compensation, but a bad CEO can really fuck up a company and its product line as evident in HP. People always chose Windows over Linux, Mac, OS2, because they want to bet on the winner and not invest in a failed product. This sealed WebOS before people even knew what it was sadly. It was brand new to the tablet world when HP pulled the plug.

I forgot the lady's name but she seems to have more business sense than the last 3 CEOs. I would try to save WebOS, but it maybe too late. Development has stopped and Andriod and IOS are moving ahead and getting more and more updated. Even Windows Phone 7 which is behind is starting to catch up in capabilities to it.

What a mess and I am glad I am not the CEO of HP. ... ok I would actually like to run it into the ground for a year and collect a golden parachute and become rich, but still besides the point.

Comment Re:Just wait until the Web 2.0 Depression hits. (Score 1) 328

I got the figure from a few weeks ago. It was a billion to run it because they use thousands of servers all clustered together.

Still, that cost is significant as most companies prefer Indian workers overseas as your one worker wont equal 100,000 in both salary and benefits over there. If I want to start a business I can't justify the expense. Php and Ruby on Rails is fine as that cost is certainly significantly these days as the big banks no longer hand out lines of credit like candy to corporations or businesses.

Most employees today make $45,000 o $55,000 a year due to the economy. Many who used to make $90,000 no longer due and have to take that paycut in todays economy.

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