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Comment Why OpenSuse? (Score 0) 87

Why report this particular distro as opposed to any others? Fusion Linux 14 also came out today, as did Vinux 3.0.1 - which is possibly more newsworthy given that it is targeted specifically at blind and visually-impaired users. Now that is newsworthy I feel - the attempt to make they technology we have available to as many people as possible, people who you wouldn't have thought would be able to use a computer.

Comment Re: 80% (Score 0) 204

In the UK 80% of the jury is enough to convict you of a crime, so I suspect that over here the courts would probably jump at an 80% success rate.

Personally I don't see how this can be anything other than subjective as there are far too many ways to get round it.

Comment What's happened to /. (Score -1) 722

I have recently returned to /. after a 7year or so absence and was just wondering what has happening to the site I used to love so much because it provided genuine, newsworthy, information and discussions.

Since I've been back, it appears that 50% of the articles are posted purely to allow one group of people or the other to post about how much they hate this company or that product, rather than actually providing logical, reasoned information and justification.

I know, who am I to be a judge? My Karma rating on my original account ('Tigger's Pet' 130655) is 'Terrible' - which is why I end up creating a new account so I can actually post more than twice in a 24 hour period - mainly because I've been away for so long and everything I now post automatically attracts a score of '-1', which means that many mods won't even read it, so I can't get it back up - but hey, I'm still entitled to my opinion.

Comment I'm not on FB (Score 0) 132

So how will this impact me? Will it stop me from posting comments? I intentionally chose not to stay on FB and got rid of my account 6 months ago as it was a waste of my time and resources.

Now I just spend my day on /. wondering if people are reading my posts and hoping to get modded up so I can increase my karma and feel loved.

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