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Comment The real problem.... (Score 1) 463

The real problem is the fact that we are taught that going to college will automagically make us more employable, then corporate univeristies attempt to churn out as many of every type of major as they can and you become a dime a dozen career. The reason programmers cant find jobs is a direct result of training to many programmers. They saw there was a profit to be made so many universities started teaching it even though there was not so high a demand that they needed to. Then several hundred if not thousand of training schools opened doing the same thing for game programing etc so now we have so many people taking programming and convinced there will be jobs and there just arent that many jobs. Not to mention the fact that if you arent inately suited to programing or any of those other skills you wont be very sucessful anyway. We need to stop lying to our children and forcing them and thier parents to pay all this money on a dream that over 75% of the time ends in failure, debt, and a life of jumping from job to job.

Comment Re:If they're going to do this shit anyways (Score 1) 536

You dont pay for other people who are unhealthy. In fact, its all the people who abuse the health insurance by being to healthy that keep the rates high. People who go to the doctor every time they get a little snifflle and get prescription drugs for everything under the son even though they dont really need them. I know people who go to the doctors 50+ times a year and are completely healthy. They are not healthy just because they go to the doctor so much, but that is a lot of wasted money for going to the doctors for no reason.

Comment Re:If they're going to do this shit anyways (Score 1) 536

This asumes that they are only doing this because its illegal, and thus must do something else illegal if this became legal. This is not the case, they are doing it because it makes money. They would continue to do it, just legally if it were made legal. I can garontee that it would be a dream come true for them as they already have the foothold on the industry.

Comment Re:Coming soon (Score 2) 191

Most of corporate america has had this for about 10 years. I found out my old boss was using similar software like this to spy on us one day when he called me into his office with screen shots from my computer showing me looking at a tech news site and asking why I wasny working for those 5 minutes. I said, "well I am entitled 1 hour of break time per day. I never use this break time, eat lunch while working and answeing phone to be more efficient so I figured 5 minutes of looking at a job related news website would be okay." He shut up but I was horrified that hewas so paranoid. He only had 3 employees. He then installed cameras everywhere too so he could not only see what you were doing on your computer but what you were doing at your computer. This was a small comapny and we had this.. imagine what large companies have.

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