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Comment Re:Had one die twice (Score 1) 510

I've had two OCZ Octane 2's die, both the same way, clean shutdowns, no hibernation, booted one morning and "CHKDSK needs to run", takes about 15-20 minutes, finding lots of orphan files, reboots, "CHKDSK needs to run", same deal again, repeat about 4-5 more times and if windows did boot, it was pretty much corrupted, system files missing, applications failing to load.

And because I bought them from a "non-OCZ approved reseller" they're apparently not covered on warranty.

Smashed them with a hammer, bought a Samsung 830 series, hasn't skipped a beat yet.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 143

And to which religion or governmental rule set do we hand the reins ?

Can you imagine the chinese firewall if it applied to a persons actions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Corporate interests aside, noone can speak out about anything anymore or the jackboots will be on their doorstep seconds after they start typing the first few words.

Comment Re:EU policy (Score 2, Funny) 105

But companies do receive snippets of actual chats. How do they ensure that doesn't contain anything that is personally identifiable?

That sounds like alot of coding and work, isn't it easier just to get full transcripts and sort it out later ?

Denial: They wouldn't do anything like that to you.
Anger: It's your fault for not reading the EULA.
Barganing: How else can they make ends meet in this economy, you need the software, they need the data.
Depression: (actually, isn't the economy heading for one now ?)
Acceptance: Oh well, all hail our new child protection overlords.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 464

Isn't the catch here that it would prohibit religions claiming they are the "true faith" and that all other faiths are heretical or blasphemous and thus vilifying religions other than their own?

Not really, that would be protected under a religions right to self-decieve.

It would stop people publishing anti-CoS websites, also anti-CoE websites, but hey, who would actually be anti-CoE, it's like diet church (No sugar and half the guilt of most organised religion).

I think when copyright stopped working for Co$ they're trying to switch to old-fashioned "mummy, mummy they're teasing me, make them stop"

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