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Journal Journal: Towards a new social contract

Been thinking; as I am sure many of you are, that the American experiment of a democratic republic has been long tainted and is now wholly corrupt and that to excise its more malingering aspects may be prudent if not necessary to make certain that our children shall live in a country that knows more freedoms than we do. We may will ourselves to indifference or action but I am first looking for discussion. In that vein, I have started a blog for the first time in years because mostly I am looking for my peers in this process.
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Journal Journal: Selling Digital Art via Online Auction, First Piece

Testing the waters with this new auction site "" they are a mom and pop operation that came out of the scene I'm part of now. We will see how it all goes, give any opinion you might have. I decided against eBay for the moment as I have time to fool around looking for alternatives.

Check it out

The Gimp

Journal Journal: Selling from an online gallery that uses Ebay, opinions? 2

I will try to be succinct. Ok, I have almost 100 peices of art from a 2 year period that I want to try to sell on Ebay to pay the bills instead of working at Taco Bell or the Movie Theater in this town. I am only allowed to display 20 at a time on this thing. So be discerning but not cruel or crass please.

To think; I used to be a sysadmin for a fortune 500 company, heh would you like cinnamon twists with that? Anyways I need opinions on what looks good and what looks trite. I have selected representitive pieces from different styles that I tend to and would like any input that you can give. Thanks again.


Journal Journal: Ack, Mother is coming, look busy! 2

Well it is official my mom is coming out for 2 weeks this summer. She will be staying with me as while my 2 roomates are in Mexico and I don't even know where to hide the sundry list of things us Bachelors living together have accumulated that reveal the perpetual debauch we live in. It is going to be nice to have my mom around though and even though this is a tourist town and all she would have to do is call one of the three or four dozen hotels about to get a room I'm convinvced I'm old enough to have my mom stay at my place. Do any of you have expierence in this?

BTW, what do you think of this Flower Arrangement for Mother's day. I'm going to send her some books on victorian ghost towns as well, and when I finish my play on Victorian Ghost towns this summer (I hope as the Director of my college says no later than june for a fall production) I will put it up for all to see. :)


Journal Journal: Bachelor Stew

Greetings all. Dry bread without mold stirs within me a need to make stew, must be parcel to a russian genomic memory that I have in me or something, yeah that is it.

Ingrediants: Stew beef, 3 day old artisan bread in cubes, potatoes, orange rind, maui onion, garlic, celery, 2 cans no salt tomatoes and 3/4 a can of Guiness. Spices: Cumin, fresh ground smoked pepper blend, habenero powder, ground pumpkin seed, curry powder.

Topped with Sriracha and fresh live yogurt, yum.

Anyone got any good "bachelor stews", also called crazy stews colloquially 'crazy stews'. I have been hit and miss with tofu, but love to eat it in stir fry.

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Journal Journal: A day for tea, gin, and me.

Well as winter vacation slips into the spring semester I have begun 3 projects of which at least 2 are coming about admirably. Radio telescope will be continued next year peicemeal-like as I have secured no grant money, the wireless network proposal is waiting only for a good going over by the IT head, and my brutish atempt at making a play has come to at least the half way mark; 40 pages of dialogue and at least a 100 in theory and other sundry bullshit. I like working with Dramatica, but I also need to research some stories in a similiar vein so as not to overstep my bounds or repeat a narrative unknowingly. All in all I am having fun doing exercises in various fields to test my mettle when dealing with new almost alien ways of formalizing creative and scientific thought.

Today however I am hiding my car keys, watching movies on the old 21 " Sony Trinitron monitor (as opposed to the 14.1" laptop LCD), disconnecting the phone, not answering the door, got a 5 lb roast slow cooking w/ cream cheese mashed potatoes and butter. Today is a day for me. Not the friends, not the gf, and esp not the family. It is good to have solititude at your disposal and the people around you who respect you enough to give you that.

How do you get away from the wants, wishes, and warping of others?

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: What ritualizes modern romance, pop culture? 2

{Girl talking about her kid (Obs: baby fat still on face | stink of sobriety | economic questioning) hostile toward non-pop references. Stares at manicured nails as she contemplates Bizet's Carmen I am forcing on her, as she forced Aesop Rock yesterday.

Pah, human society's struggle for individuality has become foolish to take part in. I am lost among trailer park queens in the redwoods here; pretending future histories together camping with obnoxious children, send help.

Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: I'm thinking of buying an apple laptop

I have not used an apple since Mac Os 8. I'm also a little timid about the avaliable scientific software for the mac. Does anyone know of a circuit design software package for the mac for instance?

The reason I am wanting a macintosh is that I really really like the keyboards and screens on them for the price ~400 bucks for a Wall Street (292/256 meg/20GB/14.1") vs almost 500+ for the same performance for a windows machine like the IBM 600e, which I really like too.

Here is a chance you mac zealots, convert me!!!


Journal Journal: I am starting a Blog on building a Radio telescope 5

SRT telescope for CR.....

Never really wrote a blog per se, anyone have any good advice on how to keep it interesting for me and anyone who may stumble upon it? I am getting a digital camera to show what I am working on, and I might load up some Multisim files for the electronics. Is the free blogger by google good enough for doing that? I can host the files on a FTP in my DMZ at home.

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Journal Journal: Need help in choosing school in Northern California 3

Realm of study: Autonomous Mining Robots

Primary Degree ?

Secondary Degree ?

Cognitive psyhchology, ai, mechanical engineering, mining engineering...(open to suggestions)

I have 3 years of a chemical engineering degree, but need something to "hook me" when I go back to college. Recomendations?

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