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Comment Re:What is a "vocational school?" (Score 1) 273

Vocational Schooling or we call them apprenticeships.
In general training to do particular work that doesn't require a college degree to do such work.

A lot of this stuff our college system as absorbed into its structure (Usually in a 2 year degree) but it really shouldn't be.
Jobs such as:
Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Barbers, Truck Drivers, Welders... would quality.
However other job professions which are covered in colleges could be done too. Like: Nursing, Day Care, even Programming, and other IT jobs.
Sure you need training, the jobs may pay well, however you really don't need the full robust education of a college degree.

American Schools are made to push kids into college. Colleges are made to push people into Grad School Grad school is designed to get PHD students, PHD students are prepped to be Professors. Now this isn't bad and there is a lot of good work as a side effect that is going on, however people want job skills to get a job. Right now our culture is saying you need a college education, so they get one. Because a college education is needed for a basic quality of life, that means the standards to get there have been lowered.

Comment Re: Double blind tests? (Score 1) 413

If you don't mind spending a little (but not much) money, you can launder your mp3s through a service like iTunes Match or Amazon Prime.

Instead of storing duplicate copies of everybody's collection, they match as much of your collection as possible and just keep their own well-encoded copies. You can sign up for a month (or year or whatever), find matches for your music, and then redownload better copies. After that, there's no need to keep paying for their service (if you don't otherwise have any use for it).

Comment Re:Gates foundation: not good for education (Score 1) 273

It is more like,
People like his ideas, They read 1/2 of the recommendation, then they propose it to the government who only gets 1/2 of that proposal, who then under pressure implements it using 1/2 of the proposal. This may go down a few levels only leaving the Title "Common Core" as remaining.

Because there is this impression of the Failing Schools and we expect someone else to fix it.
However there are a few issues with that.
1. Many of the most successful countries with test results, have a school system where only the best continue on to more schooling the rest go to vocational schools. Meaning our system were we expect our kids to go school no matter how much they suck.

2. The issues of kids learning ability isn't as much as the schools as everyone else things. We got factors such as Parents, Culture, Environment, and the Child's own self interest to learn which are more major factors.
If the Parents don't care how well their children do then they won't push temselfs to learn even in the best of schools.
If the culture doesn't value education then the kid won't either
If the environment is in a way (such as gang activity/domestic abuse/starvation etc...) where education is much lower on a child's priorities then they will not focus much.

3. A lot of these other factors are part of a catch 22 problem where education can help fix the above problems, however those problems prevent education from improving.

Comment Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (Score 1) 578

Because $6,700 is real chump change. I know families where both parents work for at least 40 hours a week, and they have outstanding medical bills of just a few thousand dollars that they can't pay. Racking up $6,700 a year, plus the few hundred a month, is only going to make things worse.

This is absolutely NOT helping the people who the administration claimed it would.

Comment Re:In all seriousness... (Score 1) 126

Once you have "an ecosystem of roads" as you suggest which is maintained by road fees and requires public access so you can get to all places you want to go, you have just reimplemented government owned public infrastructure under a different name

Nonsense. In the libertarian utopia, the network of roads is a monopoly owned by someone else with no accountability or democratic input. Hooray!

Comment Re:I can buy that (Score 1) 91

Slashdot 101; How to avoid having someone tell you: You're doing it wrong.

<blockquote> Don't use <quote> and </quote> They're programmed to disappear in a collapsed reply to allow for immediately showing the actual reply. </blockquote>

You're doing it wrong. Having the quoted text appear in the collapsed reply is the easiest way to ensure nobody reads your reply. The collapse reply should show the beginning of what the actual reply says.

Comment Re:No contract, wifi-only (Score 1) 126

I believe all Galaxy devices are capable of connecting to 2G towers. So assuming the message can be transmitted via 2GSM, the sophisticated hacker (I assume) would need to spoof such a tower at a time when the targetted phone would need to avoid 3G for some reason (say, lack of signal or too poor a signal)

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