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Comment It is worse in W7 (Score 1) 1

My laptop which had been happily running at 1600x1024 for a year in Vista now goes blank every time the CPU hits 100%, its a quad core with an 8600m, should be enough. Tried installing scores of older drivers but no go. Linux on the other partition I am having no problems though so I don't know what to say.

Comment Re:Odd (Score 1) 176

I have no use for a device that stores less than 50 gigs atm. 64 gigs actually barely meets those needs. I would actually like something that could work with a few dozen USB boot images which my job requires, so 100+ gig would be ideal. That is why my current netbook has 160 gigs.

64 gigs is not enough for me.

Comment Re:Oh, look! (Score 1) 888

5000 people died, that is a minor annoyance compared to the trillions we have spent fighting terrorism and the 100,000's of people who have died around the world in warzones. Those trillions would of saved for more lives if spent on health care, infrastructure or if they shot them out of a cannon on top of the White House.

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