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Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 913

I've found the same thing - TrackPoint/clit mice are great. Touchpads are not.
That being said, I find the scrolling feature of my touchpad to be far nicer than using the middle button on my TrackPoint to scroll.
Actually, that sort of kinetic scrolling is quite nice, and is the one redeeming thing about touchscreens.

Comment Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (Score 1) 732

So, as a consumer I'm supposed to want to use a credit card because I'll spend more on overpriced crap, because I don't need to count my money as closely? Sounds more like I should /never/ use credit for that exact reason!

(That being said, as a consumer I know exactly what you're talking about - If I decide to use credit for a transaction, I'll buy more stuff. Especially at some place like Harbor Freight.)

Comment Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (Score 2) 732

Right now, I use Debit most, along with occasional Credit and Cash purchases. If any of the three options offered me a cheaper solution somewhere(even 1%), I'd use that one almost exclusively. I'm not too worried about my card being stolen - I take responsibility for my money. If it gets lost or stolen and someone empties my bank account, I will dispute it, but consider it a lesson learned. With cash, if it's gone, it's gone.

What I'd be most interested in is how merchants who run Debit transactions as a Credit(signature) will fair - will they all switch payment processors to someone who does (cheaper) debit transactions, or will they end up charging more for Debit as well? Only time will tell.

Either way, I think this is a good thing.

Comment Re:Chrome and IE (Score 3, Informative) 151

It would block proxy filters and adblockers, /if/ the ads were kept onsite(which is one of the main problems with most ads today - loading them from offsite takes ages). Otherwise, any browser-based tools will simply treat it like a image/object from the page which can then be blocked accordingly. It will be loaded, but the extra KB or so in the single main page request won't really affect load time on anything but dialup, and the time will be far less than if the image was seperate.

Comment Re:Any code? (Score 1) 304

While your opinion may be true, and I'm not refuting it, there are a couple of considerations: One, in the real world, you have problems with students who *aren't* interested, and or *don't* try hard.
Two, just because someone can pass an exam, doesn't mean they know the material or know it well enough to be creative with it.

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