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Comment Re:Chrome and IE (Score 3, Informative) 151

It would block proxy filters and adblockers, /if/ the ads were kept onsite(which is one of the main problems with most ads today - loading them from offsite takes ages). Otherwise, any browser-based tools will simply treat it like a image/object from the page which can then be blocked accordingly. It will be loaded, but the extra KB or so in the single main page request won't really affect load time on anything but dialup, and the time will be far less than if the image was seperate.

Comment Re:Any code? (Score 1) 304

While your opinion may be true, and I'm not refuting it, there are a couple of considerations: One, in the real world, you have problems with students who *aren't* interested, and or *don't* try hard.
Two, just because someone can pass an exam, doesn't mean they know the material or know it well enough to be creative with it.

Comment Re:anyone tested the alpha? (Score 2) 179

Wait... we have Nvidia drivers with specific kernel headers built into them? Isn't that what DKMS is supposed to take care of? Just make sure you have headers for whatever reasonable kernel you want, let it handle the rest.
So far, on my Debian box with Liquorix kernels, it's worked perfectly. Kernels get installed, modules get autobuilt, system works.

Comment Re:Approach no. 4 - Do nothing (Score 1) 521

The modem/radio is a seperate chip, with it's own, locked firmware. It communicates with a userspace binary blob driver.
It would be possible to create an open-source driver, but that still wouldn't be a problem - the modem should be able to enforce any radio restrictions and low-level protocol needed.

Think of it this way: Your windows PC has an unlocked bootloader, yet is allowed to have a USB cellmodem attached to it. Why couldn't you do the same with your phone?

And yes, the /cpu/ bootloader is unlocked in the N900 - you can install uboot without any hacking, and boot Ubuntu or Android natively... though they don't currently have any support for the cellmodem(so no calls).

Comment Re:yes and no (Score 2) 521

Mod parent up. Of /course/ Desktop sales are on the decline - a P4 is "usable" still, and a C2D is a perfectly good main system.
With computers lasting for a number of years, and there being no reason to upgrade...

Of course, mobile devices may be on the rise, but it's sort of a "comlimentary" device, not a replacement. Sure, some can use it to fully replace their desktop, but those are the people who could be switched to a shiny Linux distro as well.

Comment Re:Approach no. 4 - Do nothing (Score 3, Interesting) 521

Nokia N900 - Commercial, retailed phone, fully open bootloader.

But, your point still stands.

That being said, I fully expect the "unlocked" bios-emulation mode to be around for at least 8 years, if not more - corporate needs XP support. However, the lock would actially be a /good/ thing... if we can install our own keys.
I'm hoping for that sort of support, so corporate IT could sign particular versions of files and/or bootloaders and lock things down. Seems like a step up, there, so long as the accepted key list is editable.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1010

While I agree on the tech school part, most any tech field requires base-level algebra(solve for X), as well as being able to know enough to operate a calculator correctly. Trig is also useful, but the tech-trig you need can be contained on a single sheet of paper and taught in a week or less.
I also know that tech school students often struggle with math, even lower level stuff... but it's kind of important in most fields.

In my case, I /decided/ to go to tech school so I didn't have to deal with a lot of the "background" crap you get in college, aced my program(Machining), and got a fun and challenging job at an aerospace supplier... But I was definitely the exception when it came to my fellow students, most of whom struggled at math(at least until a particular concept was explained in the correct manor).

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