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Comment Re:How is this spoiling? (Score 1) 165

Meh, I think you're wrong. It's not as cool to be american on /. anymore. Now whenever we mention our country, someone from across the pond says something to the effect of "Don't you realize the rest off the world does it differently" which starts some sort of culture war. It's rather annoying. Nevertheless, I do like my country even if others don't. I'm glad we all don't actually, cause then it would never change. After a while it would be a boring place to live.

Comment Re:Language is hardly relevant (Score 1) 437

I've been doing Java development for 15+ years and most of that in web apps. Production deployments to Linux, mainframes, and Windows. Sadly, most often, the production machines are Windows. A typical argument is that it is best to have the production system similar to development (and QA, and integration testing, and user acceptance testing) system to avoid surprises as the build travels through the process.

Concerning portability of Java across platforms, I can only recall having three issues and they are all related to file systems: paths (developer assumption), permissions, and Windows misreporting file creation time. For Java web apps, your portability issues are the same regardless of language--the browsers.

My favorite quote of all time (unfortunately I can't claim credit).

Saying Java is better cause it'll run on all platforms is like saying anal sex is better because it works on all genders.

Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 1) 589

Thought you might want to know, you're not the only one. I'm a bit older now (30, not 25), and did about the same. I went to two years of college, but didn't complete even an associates. Basically I went long enough to meet someone who could get me a job coding. From there a string of code->network->code->code jobs for eight years. The only real difference is, I built my family first. It might slow the career down a little, but it's well worth it.

If you want to do well as a developer, be the most kick ass coder you ca, and be nice to non-coders. Everything else will sort of work itself out.

Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 1) 589

He didn't say demon, he said daemon. You know, a small service that runs in the background? Although I'm puzzled as to why the poster might think that having daemons would make someone want to commit suicide. Perhaps a memory leak in one was causing little room for other things in his life? Maybe a UI nagging daemon was constantly at the front of his mind, and he couldn't concentrate on anything else?

I love the analogy of the human brain vs. the computer system. Daemons to demons etc.

On a more serious note though, I'm glad that thus far /.-ers have taken a good tone about this. There is a time to poke fun, and a time to be serious. This is someone who tried for years to fight for many things we all hold strong feelings about (internet freedom, freedom of information, etc).

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