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Comment Re:Wow, 3% = doom? (Score 1) 609

Never trust any organization with the word Tax in their name.

Either way, as a not-in-the-top-quintile person, I'd rather your didn't tax them more. Let's try leveling the playing field alittle bit. Here's a thought. Instead of spreading the wealth around, let's spread the tax burden around.

The only reason politicians want to tax the rich is that it's a smaller portion of their base. If they raised taxes on the middle and lower classes, we'd put them out of office.

Comment Re:No silly (Score 1) 308

I'll pick this one up.

1. Grinding is an important part of sex (aka the long part) --- 2 puns in one on a monday no less...

2. Winning State. You're having sex. You're already in a winning state (barring extreme situations i.e. forced etc)

3. MMO's (Massively Multiplayer Orgies) ARE a game. You CAN win. Hell, you've MOSTLY already won just by showing up.

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