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Comment Re:Nothing related to guns can be considered "smar (Score 2) 1388

You may not like this becuase it doesn't fit your little world view, but millions of people defend themselves each year with guns. This is a recent example of a mom who saved herself and her children from god knows what - with a gun.

While the woman and her children were definitely in a situation where they would feel threatened there was no mention in the article that the intruder intended to do them bodily harm. Cornered in the attic? I doubt he was hunting them down, remember he had checked the house several times, both by knocking and ringing the bell, to make sure nobody was home. He was robbing them and when he opened the attic closet he was immediately shot. If the intruder had had a weapon or in some way was threatening bodily harm then you can be sure that the digitaljournal (what is digital about guns?) would have included it and probably close to the top as it would have been much more sensational and brought in more readers / clicks. "Cornered" seems to be the best they could get away with but is obviously biased. It's quite the anti-climax to a sensational story, in the end the intruder was sentenced only to burglary. At least you admit that nobody seems to know know what she saved themselves from, "god knows what."

Comment How to Opt Out (Score 1) 294

They deliver everything to me electronically but I have to write a letter to opt out, jerks.

Opt-Out Procedure.

You can choose to reject this Agreement to Arbitrate ("opt out") by mailing us a written opt-out notice ("Opt-Out Notice"). For new PayPal users, the Opt-Out Notice must be postmarked no later than 30 Days after the date you accept the User Agreement for the first time. If you are already a current PayPal user and previously accepted the User Agreement prior to the introduction of this Agreement to Arbitrate, the Opt-Out Notice must be postmarked no later than December 1, 2012. You must mail the Opt-Out Notice to PayPal, Inc., Attn: Litigation Department, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131.

The Opt-Out Notice must state that you do not agree to this Agreement to Arbitrate and must include your name, address, phone number, and the email address(es) used to log in to the PayPal account(s) to which the opt-out applies. You must sign the Opt-Out Notice for it to be effective. This procedure is the only way you can opt out of the Agreement to Arbitrate. If you opt out of the Agreement to Arbitrate, all other parts of the User Agreement, including all other provisions of Section 14 (Disputes with PayPal), will continue to apply. Opting out of this Agreement to Arbitrate has no effect on any previous, other, or future arbitration agreements that you may have with us.

Submission + - China Removes Cyberwar Video, Denies Everything (

jjp9999 writes: "Anyone looking for the video clip showing the Chinese regime launching cyberattacks using script kiddie tactics was greeted with a message stating ‘Error Page — This page does not exist anymore,’ on the state-run TV website. The propaganda video, still available on YouTube, included a clip showing an unseen user launching a cyberattack against an Alabama-based website of the Falun Gong meditation practice. China’s Defense Minister told the Washington Post via e-mail that the video was ‘pure action of the producer,’ adding that the ‘Chinese military has never implemented any form of cyber attacks.’ The statement is the common line given by the regime after they’re tacked with launching a global cyberattack—including after GhostNet, Operation Aurora, Operation Night Dragon, and Operation Shady Rat were reveled."

Comment I'm quite surprised... (Score 2) 75 hear a government official basically saying "calm down already." No need to worry though Mr. Schmidt, the tech community can generally think for itself when determining cyber threats and the merits of related initiatives. We're certainly not waiting for the government to tell us how, when or why to secure our systems. You get your information from us, not the other way around. "Mass hysteria" is reserved for those who give up their rights (TSA, Patriot Act, repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act, etc...) and rally behind a buffoon as soon as the corporate puppets in the US government fire up their fear mongering engines. Got to love the irony of it though. A government official uses fear mongering to quell the fear mongering from the establishment that stands to profit most from a "cyber war." The military industrial complex was bound to incorporate the tech industry one day, I just I hadn't realized that day had arrived. Greed, then religion, is the root of all evil. Now go and see Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Submission + - Google To Drop Support For H.264 In Chrome 1

Steve writes: oogle just made a bold move in the HTML5 video tag battle: even though H.264 is widely used and WebM is not, the search giant has announced it will drop support for the former in Chrome. The company has not done so yet, but it has promised it will in the next couple of months. Google wants to give content publishers and developers using the HTML5 video tag an opportunity to make any necessary changes to their websites.

Here's the current state of HTML5 video: Microsoft and Apple are betting on H.264, while Google, Mozilla, and Opera are rooting for WebM. Although Internet Explorer 9 supports H.264, excluding all other codecs, Microsoft says it is making an exception for WebM, as long as the user installs the corresponding codec. Google developed WebM, but made an exception for H.264, until today's announcement. Meanwhile, Mozilla and Opera refuse to provide support for H.264 because the H.264 patent license agreement isn't cheap.

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