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Journal Journal: Let's do this again 2

My foes list has a bunch of trolls on it. Some are new. If anyone has suggestions for names to add or names to take off, please post a comment here. Oh and please link to examples of why it should change. Thank you.

Journal Journal: Troll Slaying Roundup 3

I apologize for the time between entries, but as many of you know, CmdrTaco has now all but eliminated trolling on Slashdot - and deserves our thanks for all his hard work! However a recent upsurge in trolling over the last four months has created some changes in the Master Troll Blacklist, and I'll document some of these changes for you now.
  • Fortknox - Beloved by many, Josh Marotti recently announced that he is in fact a
User Journal

Journal Journal: Answering the Mailbag 9

miagfmu writes:

To: TrollBlacklist
Subject: Non-troll request


I was looking at your list and am about to sign up. But, I saw a friend-of-a-friend
on the list, and thought it might not be such a great idea.

Journal Journal: Curbing Slashdot Abuse 1

Like many web based discussion boards, Slashdot has a small vocal minority of abusive and disruptive users. Many of these users spend hours online attempting to harass and provoke normal Slashdot users. CmdrTaco et al have devised a trust referral system which allows users to mark bad accounts and assign them a penalty. This account in particular has a running list of ALL of Slashdot's worst abusive users. You can leverage this account to 'block out' this i

Comment Re:You're being a bit overzealous, don't you think (Score 1) 18

This is pretty typical Flamebait and Troll both:
You nimrods. (Score:-1, Flamebait)
by Wakko Warner on Tuesday August 27, @04:00PM (#4151400)

Why is this story such a big deal??
How many of you wolf-crying 'tards have ever paid a dime for your MP3 encoders? Fraunhofer has been charging a license fee for them since the very beginning, but I don't ever remember having inserted a quarter into the coin slot on my PC when I ran LAME.
Do you honestly think you're gonna start having to pay for your copy of XMMS? Of mpg123? Do you think the copies you have now are gonna quit working in a few days?
Stop acting like such irrational little 12-year-olds...
Moderation Totals: Flamebait=2, Overrated=1, Total=3.

(It is flamebait for sure and I think it is Troll because it didn't take very long for Google to find out he was just being stupid.)

You might be right about FortKnox. I have not decided yet.

I took /dev/trash off the list.

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