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Comment Re:Rather shaky "proof"... (Score 1) 3

And there should be no correlation between district size and voting results.

Well, I proposed one possible explanation — waiting in line to vote, which, as all other interactions with government, makes people wish for a smaller one and choose Republicans. There can be other explanations, that he did not think of. It is quite obvious, that the thinking went: "How can I use statistics to prove fraud."

Comment Re:It's simple really (Score 1) 3

Romney is a Mormon alright, but if anybody is obsessed with that fact, it is not the Republicans, but the Democrats... Few people know, that Harry Reid, for one example, is also a Mormon...

Obama is much more of a world citizen

That's right, actually. And much less of a US citizen...

Comment Re:What is wrong with that? (Score 3, Insightful) 199

When people have tried to walk away from the airport upon discovering, they were selected for the extra microwaving (or groping), they were told, they can no longer leave and must go through the screening. The reason was given, that doing otherwise would allow terrorists to attempt to travel, but back away if they find themselves selected for more rigorous checks.

Well, if the level of checking is printed right there on one's boarding pass, the terrorists don't have to reveal themselves. When they find out -- ahead of time -- that they were picked for extra attention, they can simply leave all the bombs at home, fly away and back, and then try again until they draw a "lucky" boarding pass.

Comment Jabs and politics aside... (Score 2, Informative) 698

Jabs and accute politicking aside, the two men offer very different ideologies and views on life. Whereas Joe Biden says "privatization" like it is a bad thing, to Paul Ryan "government's control" is the worst curse.

Having grown up in the USSR with first-hand experience of government's control of economy, I would've preferred Ryan even if he did not look so persuasive and hands-on and even if Biden has not shone his uber-smile in such unsettling manner all the time.

Last, but not least, I still remember Biden's sequence of idiocies (no, not gaffes) from 4 years ago...

Comment Re:"in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ" (Score 1) 857

To me that suggests that he was a politician taking actions to shore up public relations in an area where he perceived himself both weak and under attack.

Well, that explanation would confirm, that, at least, the rest of the nation was very Christian, whether the politician himself was or was not... If we weren't a Christian nation, then in front of who did Jefferson "pretend" to be a good Christian (sincerely or not)?

I do see a trend here... The deniers of Christianity's role in America seem to have two conflicting arguments: they reject the religion's role in our history, while at the same time lament its "undue influence"...

Comment Re:What about MY right to not listen?.. (Score -1, Troll) 698

One right you do NOT have is to not be offended.

What's that supposed to mean? That I must be offended? You bet I am...

So fuck off.

Oh, how clever! The discussion is about swearing, so I must swear, get it?

The invitation extended above to another anus, applies to you as well... Be sure to get yourself wiped first, though...

Comment Re:What about MY right to not listen?.. (Score 0) 698

I'm offended by people proselytizing their God. Do I have the right to have them ticketed or hauled away, too?

If your city decides, proselytizing is a civil offense as the City of Philadelphia decided, swearing is, your city's police may ticket them...

I repeat my example of the FCC regulating swearing. Their power to do that was challenged, but continues to stand... Philadelpia's action is only more defensible, because FCC is empowered by Federal Congress to whom the First Amendment directly applies, whereas the locales have more freedom in enacting laws, even though we extended the "Congress shall make no law" to lesser governments too a while ago.

Comment "in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ" (Score 0, Troll) 857

It's just traditional formula.

He didn't have to spell the formula out in full. That he did it anyway, does suggest, he was perfectly "in" Christianity — as is the GP's point.

BTW, every President since has also been a Christian. The current one was, reportedly, quite devout too — at least, until he moved to the capital.

Submission + - First Anarchist's Cookbook Convictions (telegraph.co.uk)

analysethis writes: In the UK last month the author/compiler of the well-known-in-internet-circles 'terrorist handbook' pleaded guilty to seven counts of collecting information that could have been used to prepare or commit acts of terrorism, with a maximum jail term of 10 years. Today the first people caught with downloaded copies have been put behind bars — a white supremacist father and son pairing getting 10 & 2 years respectively, convicted of three counts of possessing material useful for acts of terror. How many will be emptying their recycle bins after this conviction?

As of writing, the book is still freely available on Amazon.com to buy.

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