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Comment Statistical Fun and Slavery (Score 2) 328

What interesting patterns could emerge from looking at cell phone location data of millions of people over a period of time, and place the lines on a map. I bet some interesting patterns would emerge. Don't get me wrong though: privacy is freedom. Lack of it, is slavery. Of course corporations, our new masters, are going to be tracking us like we would a pet, or a tagged farm animal. What else did you expect from a non human entity who's sole driver is the accumulation of more wealth by whatever means available?

Comment Re:"Since people have been keeping records" (Score 2) 554

The problem as I understand it is not change of temperature. It's pretty well documented that temperatures have varried on earth since it's existence. Yeah, it's even probably better for life to flourish when it's a little warmer... Think of all the corn you could grow in the antartic for example. And yes, climate change will transform the landscape of the planet and will destroy some habitats and create some new ones. The real issue is that evolution, being a slow thing, life is only able to adapt if the temperature shifts are gradual as well. So the analog of what's going on today is more akin to a cataclysm (3 or 4 C in a few hundred years is as abrupt as it gets on a planet with a life span of several billion years), than a regular fluctuation of temperature that the planet would experience under "normal" circumstances... Without those changes there would have not been such a need for evolution. But we are talking about a revolution. Revolutions are incompatible with evolution, and will lead to the world as we know it to change radically in short period of time. This puts a wrench in my hopes of a Star Trek Next Generation type peaceful, religion, money and war free future for mankind.

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