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Revisiting the "Holy Trinity" of MMORPG Classes 362

A feature at Gamasutra examines one of the foundations of many MMORPGs — the idea that class roles within such a game fall into three basic categories: tank, healer, and damage dealer. The article evaluates the pros and cons of such an arrangement and takes a look at some alternatives. "Eliminating specialized roles means that we do away with boxing a class into a single role. Without Tanks, each class would have features that would help them participate in and survive many different encounters like heavy armor, strong avoidance, or some class or magical abilities that allow them to disengage from direct combat. Without specialized DPS, all classes should be able to do damage in order to defeat enemies. Some classes might specialize in damage type, like area of effect (AoE) damage; others might be able to exploit enemy weaknesses, and some might just be good at swinging a sharpened bit of metal in the right direction at a rapid rate. This design isn't just about having each class able to fill any trinity role. MMO combat would feel more dynamic in this system. Every player would have to react to combat events and defend against attacks."

Comment Re:Don't get it... (Score 1) 590

I don't think that would work....what I would expect to see if they actually try to do this would be costing me more than buying the game. I play a game til I beat it...yes if i beat it in 2 days like I did Gods of War then it would be worth paying limited use fee (renting). On the other hand I still haven't gotten around to finishing FFX which I've owned for 2 years. In that case I would have come out cheaper buying the game out right.

Comment Re:Ha (Score 1) 70

Yeah I agree to a certain extent. Speaking as an owner and avid player of Vegas 2 it is worth the money and highly enjoyable if you have friends and want to play Terrorist hunt or Versus.

I have the same issues with these companies not putting out a descent demo anymore. I usually wait til someone puts a torrent up and then I try it...if I like it I go buy it, if not then it gets deleted...what I had to do with Vegas 2 and with NFS Undercover.

Comment Re:First post? (Score 1) 70

Been using BitTorrent, BitComet, Azureus, OneSwarm for at least 10 yrs now and never had this problem. I have a standard cable modem running thru a linksys modem the entire time....never had any problems and I connect to more than 500 at a time...what OS are u running and what are your system specs?


The Ultimate "Doll House" For WoW Players 44

BoyIHateMicrosoft! writes "A friend of mine sent me this link today about a group of MIT students who have created something called a WoWPod. It's like a playhouse for WoW players. It has everything from Refreshing Spring Water, to food (Like Crunchy Spider Surprise of course!) to a toilet and of course the appropriate gaming gear."

Comment Re:Unclean? (Score 1) 369

Actually yes I have recovered usable data from a HDD that was wiped twice and had started on a third. I just installed my Ontrack Data Recovery Pro and let it run....granted the files weren't perfect and didn't recover many either but some jpgs, rtfs, and a few short mp3s survived.

Comment Re:Viewer Quality (Score 1) 575

Agreed but they have started taking down some of the movies that used to be available for Instant View and adding some of the newer ones. Just about every month now I get a notice saying some of my movies are no longer available for Instant View but look here these will be available starting next month.

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