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Comment Gov't Response (Score 4, Funny) 56

1) Interoperable
2) Scalable
2a) Cost-effective
2b) Advanced
2c) Does not impeded critical energy functions
2d) Innovative
2e) I.) Easily commercialized
2e) II.) Or, made available through open source
2d) No cost.

Per your request ID (#42865935), we have met your requirements and expect work to implement the product to commence immediately.

Cordially ruling in your best interest,
- The Government

(at least now we know what "step 2) ????" is)

Comment Re:Single point of failure (Score 1) 179

Unfortunately it sounds like this bug would have hit users such as yourself also. I think when leaving FB to visit another site it is best to log out.

Multi-instance/multi-profile browsers would also be something nice. Especially those that limit what they report about the machine they are on (less fingerprint via installed fonts/cookies/html5 dbs/flash objects/etc)

Comment Re:Android already does this...Not quite... (Score 1) 103

Android may need finer grained controls but I am not sure how an email app is supposed to function without connecting to the internet and reading your contacts.

I do like the idea of turning off permissions at will/runtime though. Though, even that concept is not without problems. It would increase user confusion and support requests, cause some increase to development time, potentially break a lot of apps and decrease to the value generated to app devs/publishers. Still, I think it's a good idea overall -- these problems are not really that big (IMHO).

Comment Re:For home use, LIBREoffice is more than good eno (Score 1) 241

except are split by rigid computer-geek philosophical divides

Except that a lot of those rigid philosophical geeks are the former developers of OpenOffice, and the ones who forked it to LibreOffice. Granted, now that OO is under Apache's stewardship (as opposed to Oracle) it might be nice if they pooled resources. Not sure if they already do this or not.

Comment Re:It's the stigma (Score 5, Insightful) 366

True, but you also dont spend years educating yourself in order to work on a factory line. Even bad office work is a start to an employment history and could lead to better opportunities down the road. Factory jobs just lead to more of the same.*

*That said I can't even pretend I have any full grasp of how employment works in China.

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