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Comment Re:This idea is getting worse every day... (Score 1) 329

You remember the original trilogy as being amazing and fantastic. And they were -- by 1977 standards. 35 years later, not so much. What you are actually remembering is not the movie itself but the feeling of amazement you felt when you first saw it.

I think they've stood up pretty well to the test of time. Part of that is that CGI still doesn't look real, the models used in the movies ring truer. Another part is there was no effort to try to produce something complicated in terms of plot, this was sheer larger than life pulp, end of story, and this is what a lot of people don't get - trying to make it more sophisticated wrecks that timeless effect, as we saw with the prequels. This world was never meant to be nuanced, it's a fairy tale in the best possible sense.

I'd say if the movies were released for the first time tomorrow, they'd do just as well.

Comment Re:This idea is getting worse every day... (Score 1) 329

In my mind, this would have been a much more powerful film.

It would to my mind have been a much more confused film. The original movies were black and white, good and bad, clean cut heroic fantasy. Introducing nuances like the rough diamond hero perishing would have jarred even more than Jar Jar.

Comment Re:I hope they paid him a bajillion dollars.... (Score 4, Funny) 329

Both Han Solo and Indie are action heroes though, and I mean let's face it, not too many people in their 70s make for an inspiring action hero. They can play almost any other role but there's a physical element to the two fisted pulp role.

Obviously Sean Connery is the exception to that rule.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 5, Insightful) 841

Yes, there's a loud and large lobby of anti wind, anti solar and anti electric car types out there furiously churning up as much FUD-mud as possible, hurling around accusations and insinuations as quickly as they can wheel them out. Lies and misdirection. The only question is whether it's a real grassroots effort from the genuinely misinformed or a directed public opinion massaging effort. My guess is a healthy combination of the two, particularly because these types will never ever admit they were wrong and will never ever stop arguing.

Comment Re:A Serious Fan Could Apologize This All Away (Score 1) 111

Doesn't work. Relativistic death bombs run into one small problem - atoms. If it was moving at a more than 10% fraction of the speed of light it would be vapourised long before it hit the rebel base. And that's assuming the Imperials had the ability to accelerate that quickly, one of the bonuses of a "warp" drive is that you can just use that to cross long distances and stick to sub-5000km/h speeds otherwise, also an excellent reason for the dogfights.

Comment Interesting (Score 4, Interesting) 198

I find this interesting, I was wondering when we'd reach the point where the accumulation of knowledge available in any given field exceeded the ability of the human mind to completely grasp in a useful manner. It's going to reach a situation where multiple experts on a given subject with a fair idea about related subjects are going to be the only unit capable of actually doing anything sooner rather than later - apparently in medicine at least computers have come to the rescue.

I suppose with the many specialisations in every area we're already there, the question is can we repeat the improved returns in areas like physics and chemistry.

Comment Re:Welp (Score 1) 228

Or they could just form an economic coalition with friendly neighbours like the EU, where lots of countries aren't food-independent. The UK for example would be incapable of supporting its population using the existing territory. Of course that requires you play nice with everyone around you and act like a mature modern nation, so maybe more of a problem for the Saudis.

Comment Re:I can think of one guy who deserves it more (Score 1) 63

John Steele. He's pretty much the mastermind

Taha! With a mastermind like John Steele behind this caper, we'd better fire up the bat signal. With a name like that he should be to Bruce Wayne what Lex Luthor is to Superman. I was getting tired of everyone running around wearing Joker makeup anyway.

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