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Comment We almost have all of them (Score 1) 317

Flying Car : every city have it's airport where you can park your small airplane, people with land can park they own copter, it's just little bit bigger than a car, but physic talk.
Robot Maid and Automated House : robot blower, pizza dilivery, voice controled domotic
Computer Teacher : wikipedia, and any off site e-learning
Underwater City : we got the space station and the a lot of underwater scientific station
Pill Food : I said, we have pizza delivery.

Comment Enlightenment 0.16.5 (Score 1) 654

With multiple desktop each it's own wallpaper,
Big Thumbnail of desktop with the actual windows open
window decoration aren't plain box,
mouse scroll to go from a desktop to another,
Menu where your mouse are, not where the UI designer put it.
Different menu using different mouse button.
That was a great UI for managing multiple desktop/application in a fast and nice way.

Comment Montreal, qc, Oh Canada (Score 5, Interesting) 999

Speaking for my church.
We don't have the recession, we don't have the climate problem, we don't have gun, neither any strong social/cultural problem.
We do have a strong IT/software development infrastructure from aerospace to game field or financial institution.
We are a multilingual and multicultural city, you can find food and language from anywhere around the globe here.
We do have apartment or house that doesn't ask you a arm.
We do have nice commuting infrastructure, the metro (subway) are underground, some apartment building and office building have direct access to the metro... so you don't have to but your nose outside during the cold day of the winter or the hot day of the summer.
We have a unique family policy that put the children as a societal value (6-8 month of parental care for a new birth, cheap children gardening, real restaurant with children place...)
In the city of Montreal, you will find a lot of natural park and children park.
Park are big enough to do mountain bike, skying, and so on....
Lot of Europeans people work in the IT field in Montreal, you will not look that strange...
It's easy to have the canadien residence for a european
If you have a diploma from a know european university, you will have a job faster than the canadian residence.


Submission + - McDonald's accused of piracy by chair firm

denisbergeron writes: "McDonald have a strategy to give its fast-food restaurants a facelift and revamp dull decor with upmarket designer fittings like the Arne Jacobsen chairs. But the UK Telegraph report that the fast food chain may have to change its plans after being accused of "piracy" by the Scandinavian furniture supplier."

Submission + - guilty of standards abuse

denisbergeron writes: "Since Qualcomm have been find guilty of standards abuse and they can't use they patents about H.264 anymore.
What about Microsoft that push OOXML ?
Does it sound the end of the Microsoft monopoly on the desktop office suite ?
Did Microsoft shoot in itself in the feet ?
Did Microsoft is in a Catch-22 situation now that ODF is an ISO standard ?
What Slashdot community think about that ?"
The Internet

Submission + - Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

denisbergeron writes: "Information Architects of Japan have do it again : "The 200 most successful websites on the web".

From the article : "First of all, the new trend map features much more websites than the previous one. While the focus is still on English language websites (because that is where it's at), we have added some Japanese sites (a mystery to most of you gaijin), some German sites (yeah, there are some popular ones) and a Chinese line (the second Internet)." "

Submission + - Samsung's 30in DisplayPort TV (

denisbergeron writes: "Forget about 1080p Tv Set with 2560 x 1600 is at the corner. Samsung unveil a new tv with 2560 x 1600 and the next-generation DisplayPort video interface . From the article :

To provide such high resolution, the screen's DisplayPort interface, transmits graphics data at 10.8Gbps — more than double that of current transmission speeds. The screen incorporates a single DisplayPort interface, instead of two DVI ports, and has been referred to as a potential replacement for DVI and LVDS, which have data transmission speeds of 1.65Gbps/lane and 0.945Gbps/lane respectivly, and VGA.

Everyone need this to play WOW now !"

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