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Submission + - McDonald's accused of piracy by chair firm

denisbergeron writes: "McDonald have a strategy to give its fast-food restaurants a facelift and revamp dull decor with upmarket designer fittings like the Arne Jacobsen chairs. But the UK Telegraph report that the fast food chain may have to change its plans after being accused of "piracy" by the Scandinavian furniture supplier."

Submission + - guilty of standards abuse

denisbergeron writes: "Since Qualcomm have been find guilty of standards abuse and they can't use they patents about H.264 anymore.
What about Microsoft that push OOXML ?
Does it sound the end of the Microsoft monopoly on the desktop office suite ?
Did Microsoft shoot in itself in the feet ?
Did Microsoft is in a Catch-22 situation now that ODF is an ISO standard ?
What Slashdot community think about that ?"
The Internet

Submission + - Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

denisbergeron writes: "Information Architects of Japan have do it again : "The 200 most successful websites on the web".

From the article : "First of all, the new trend map features much more websites than the previous one. While the focus is still on English language websites (because that is where it's at), we have added some Japanese sites (a mystery to most of you gaijin), some German sites (yeah, there are some popular ones) and a Chinese line (the second Internet)." "

Submission + - Samsung's 30in DisplayPort TV (reghardware.co.uk)

denisbergeron writes: "Forget about 1080p Tv Set with 2560 x 1600 is at the corner. Samsung unveil a new tv with 2560 x 1600 and the next-generation DisplayPort video interface . From the article :

To provide such high resolution, the screen's DisplayPort interface, transmits graphics data at 10.8Gbps — more than double that of current transmission speeds. The screen incorporates a single DisplayPort interface, instead of two DVI ports, and has been referred to as a potential replacement for DVI and LVDS, which have data transmission speeds of 1.65Gbps/lane and 0.945Gbps/lane respectivly, and VGA.

Everyone need this to play WOW now !"


Submission + - Skull implies humans-neanderthal interbreeding

Homr Zodyssey writes: The AP is reporting about a fossil skull that exhibits Neanderthal features as well as human ones. Science Daily ran a similar story back in November. From TFA:

Some scientists argue Neanderthals were slaughtered or out-competed by ancestors of modern humans, but NGN said the new research, suggests a more intimate relationship, with Neanderthals becoming absorbed into the human race through interbreeding.

Submission + - Nanobatteries - Away with Exploding Batteries

Iddo Genuth writes: "A new, safer type of Li-Ion nanobattery that might help prevent future fires and explosions related to conventional Li-Ion battery use has been developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University. These nanobatteries should also prove useful for various micro devices used for medical, military and a range of other applications."

Submission + - Stars just a click away

An anonymous reader writes: THE wonders of the skies are now available on the web after the launch of an online astronomy service in Manchester. Italian academic Dr Gianluca Masi's new website called Virtual Telescope allows subscribers to log on and view the sun, moon and stars for around £7 an hour. After users have pinpointed details of what they wish to look at on an online map, four high-powered telescopes located at the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, central Italy, automatically focus on the subject.

Submission + - Creating a Culture of Security

An anonymous reader writes: An ever-growing growing percentage of computer crimes are being committed by professional "criminals" who steal market-valued sensitive data — e.g. credit card data and customer identities. Sometimes the criminals are inside an enterprise; sometimes insiders and outsiders work together to steal and resell valuable company data. So, what can be done?

Submission + - PDAs: The Death of Marital Sex

zyl0x writes: Forbes.com has an article online detailing the PDA industry's detrimental effect on married couple's sex lives. The article quotes a clinical psychologist who has coined the term "DINS couples" (double income, no sex), and explains how constant office connectivity can destroy what little chance us IT-types have with our wives. From the aritcle:
"...employees in contact with work outside of normal work hours are more often highly overworked than those with little or no contact. What does this mean for constantly connected couples? According to therapists and psychologists, around-the-clock access to the office often results in fatigue, a lack of intimacy, resentment, increased conflict and even premature career burnout."

Not that many of us have a sex life to lose, but maybe these Black- and Blueberries are the ultimate cause?

Submission + - Top breakthroughs in Science for 2006

GrumpySimon writes: "The journal Science has published a list of the top breakthroughs in science for 2006. First on the list is the proof of Poincaré Conjecture (Wiki explanation). The rest of the list includes the rise of "Palaeo-genomics" allowing the large-scale comparison of human and Neanderthal genes, proof that the great ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting, and the discovery of a amphibian-like fish fossil Tiktaalik roseae ."

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