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Comment Re:Optical? (Score 1) 502

you have to be honest and don't speak of europe when you boast with your incredible connection speeds in austria (wqhich is in the middle of europe btw) you can get a 16/1.5 MBit (restricted for personal use) DSL connection with 'real' speeds of maybe 8/1 MBit if you're lucky for around 20e/month everything else is much more expensive because of the initial costs and few providers for higher speed solutions like fiber

Comment Re:EVE players fell for that? (Score 1) 171

well, the roi wasn't too bad actually - 50% after 9 weeks is a nice interest, where you don't have to do anything for it you could focus on the stuff you really like to do, and not boring trading (yes, i might be biased on this one) and if you got your money out in time, it was actually a nice thing

Comment Re:Great catch! (Score 1, Informative) 152

that may well be - but steam (in contrast to other drm copy protections for games) gives you something in return too - have your games available from everywhere where you have internet access (which is the main reason i started using it) - buy games comfortably from home - some really nice deals from time to time (especially on holidays) and with the option to go into offline mode, you can play without an internet connection (allthough it is needed at some point to enter offline mode)

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