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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 387

Could it be the submitter works for an institution of higher education rather than a vocational school? Maybe they're trying to educate students rather than (or at least on the way to) shoving them into the workforce?

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 4, Interesting) 267

Sounds easy and cute, but if the court rules that the twitter account in fact did belong to Phonedog, and in fact was worth $2.50 per follower, could the guy be sued for deliberately wrecking the value of the account?

IANAL, but I'd be interested to hear a lawyer's comments: if you're in possession of some asset and are sued for ownership, and you subsequently and intentionally ruin the value of that asset, won't the court take a pretty dim view?

Comment Re:It's change for the sake of change (Score 1) 1040

no, silly! It's change for the sake of requiring the purchase of new hardware to run the new GUIs!

Close. The idea is to have the same interface on every device you buy.

In the case of Unity, yeah. But I think a lot of, maybe most, GUI overhauls are just for the sake of change. Specifically for the sake of visible change, to justify the purchase of the latest version of some very expensive product (e.g. MS Office with the ribbons). In the case where it's a genuine improvement, I don't think so many people reject a new GUI (there will be a few of the getoffmylawn types, no matter what).

For instance, Windows 95's GUI was a legitimate and massive improvement over 3.1. While many of us were nervous about making Windows into THE OS instead of subordinate to DOS, I don't recall anyone at all clamoring for a return to the 3.1 interface.

It's a shame I have to think back that far for an example of a GUI overhaul that was unquestionably for the better. I've never used Macs, though, and I suspect there may be some more recent examples in that world.

Comment Re:Taught? (Score 1) 176

This. One time a skunk sprayed underneath the cabin my family was staying in. It was in the middle of the night, and woke all of us up. We searched the whole place, afraid an appliance was burning out or something It was an awful chemical plastic burning smell that was nothing like the "skunky" whiff you get passing one on the road.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 155

Give each country its own DNS. Then create a simple, automated, neutral central hub that connects all those servers together.

That way, they can all play their own little games, and who the hell cares? The free and open parts of the network will still win out in the long run.

Riiiiight, that should be real simple, both technically and politically.

Comment Re:Private Cameras...faking evidence? (Score 1) 189

This is the dumbest thing I've read on Slashdot all day. Making a false statement is a crime. Slander and libel are crimes. Perjury is a crime. There are all sorts of crimes you can commit basically by lying, and nobody (most relevantly, the court) gives a rat's ass whether you own the means of communicating the lie.

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