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Comment The joy of installing drivers (Score 4, Funny) 1880

The joy of installing monitor drivers, cipset drivers, printer drivers, LAN drivers, WLAN drivers and many many more! I just love figuring out just exactly what drivers are needed to make my new laptop work. It's quite challenging and fun. FUCK, I forgot IE I just love his whole darn family! Hmmmm can I mark my own comment as troll? :D

Comment Re:Cue Apple fans saying "That could NEVER happen" (Score 1) 584

Apple sucks ass big time :) but this is a good idea ! I see 2 fears: 1) plugins: if apple implements this right then browsers and final cut and others might request get all permissions or they can recalculate all permissions based on the plugins they have. I would like to see each time I install a new plugin a message like "the application X wants this extra permission:read/write external files because - {insert some reason the developer wrote}. Do you agree to add the extra permission?Yes/No". This could mean less virus infections on Macs. 2) external apps cannot be installed: well this is a serious issue but most Mac users have iPhones so this is not new to them :). Most Apple fans are not experts in computers (see the haters/fanboys difference on slashdot comments) . They like a single place where to install everything. I have a Ubuntu laptop I love installing stuff from their software center. it is simple and painless. I like the freedom of installing extra .deb packages but I rarely use it.

Comment Unity is cool (Score 1) 798

I got that Unity wallpaper http://iloveubuntu.net/sites/default/files/field/image/unity_shortcuts_wallpaper_1.png and learned all the shortcut keys, I am also using Synapse since I don't think the lenses are yet mature enough for example they cannot return "Deja Dup" for a string like "DeDup". I have been using the mouse very rarely for the past year. Unity is not yet mature, is not configurable enough but it's really cool. I really don't understand why is the Linux community against Unity and Gnome3. I think I am going to try out Gnome 3 to see how that works. It looks cool. PS: I also shrunk all those dock bar icons to the minimum from ccsm.

Comment Re:dd (Score 1) 133

+1 I had Issues with Deja Dup. It seemd to have a partial restore of my files. I did not actually understand what happened. + Deja Dup has issues with soft/hard links. Clonezilla is OS agnostic (tested on Ubuntu and Win7) and works like a charm. It is not incremental. It takes a snapshot of the partition. I used only these 2 solutions.

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