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Comment Re:depends where you are. (Score 1) 273

That map does not even have all of Scandinavia, chopping off more than half its area, and it does not have any of Eastern Europe or Russia.

By simple google math, Europe is 10.18 million square kilometers and the US 9.827 million square kilometers. While that does not make Europe much bigger, it is bigger. And it is vastly more diverse. In huge parts you will not find English speaking people anywhere, and in some parts they don't even speak French.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 717

It takes a lot of crazy and a lot of strength to beat someone to death without weapons. It takes enough strength to point a weapon and pull a trigger to kill someone with a firearm. The available pool of would be murders who can use a gun to kill is orders of magnitudes larger than the available pool of murderers who can take on an average citizen unarmed with a lethal outcome.

Gun control is important. And so is staying out of dark alleys with punks with shanks. Guns are not relegated to dark alleys, someone who has a gun can quickly kill you in broad daylight and get away with it. Not that easy with a shank, and much, much harder unarmed.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1, Redundant) 717

It takes a much more desperate and callous perpetrator to beat someone to death with a cricket bat than to pull a trigger in a fit of panic. Guns are the great equalizer, indeed, but that mostly serves the criminal. Even a perpetrator who is in no physical condition to beat someone to death with a tire iron can kill individuals or even groups with ease using a firearm.

Gun control is only pro-thug when thugs are allowed free reign. If that is the country you want, with thugs roaming freely and citizens forced to act as vigilantes, then you're getting your wish with current US policies. I'm much happier living in a society where thugs are held sufficiently in check that widespread access to firearms would be a net negative in all respects. But of course, such a society inhibits the "right" to carry implements designed to kill humans.

Comment Re:weird (Score 2) 712

And yet you're letting it happen there, with civil liberties being trampled in the name of protecting against "terrorists", including children who bite a cookie into the shape of a gun or school girls who have bottles of dran cleaners.

Guns aren't helping the US retain freedom in the face of politicians who remove it at every opportunity.

Comment Re:It's a 3D printed gun shape (Score 1) 712

I had wood and metal shop training in school. I also live in an apartment where it's against contract to keep big metal working machines around, not to mention I have no space or power for them here. That is if I can get them up the three flights of stairs in the first place.

A 3D printer and a Dremel I can bring up in a backpack and use without making lots of noise and messing the apartment up with metal filings. If I want a part or two in metal I can make them at work or order them custom made online, but with a 3D printer I can make prototypes and many parts for final products from the comfort of my home.

Not everyone have access to space suitable for metal working machines.

Comment Re:life-long updates (Score 1) 687

And I sincerely have to disagree with your disagreement. You're ignoring the cost of handling payment problems, refunds, tech support due to problems beyond your own control, the hassle for the customer to go to your site instead of the app store (I never do these days; not worth the effort, no matter how promising the app) and the cost of obtaining and maintaining your own certificates.

You definitely need infrastructure and maintenance, even if someone else hosts it. You need to build a web site, which is a complete waste of time you could instead use for development. You need to push this site, which requires further time and money spent.

And payment processing is a huge time and money sink. Every return processed takes effort, again better spent doing value add.

App stores are very high value. I haven't purchased a program outside of an app store in over a year for my personal use, and I don't foresee doing so again. There's no point dealing with individual sites and disparate payment systems when I can just get the app with a click, having the security of hassle free returns if something isn't to my liking, hassle free maintenance and one point access. Well, two point, really, since I use Steam and Mac App store, but that is still considerably better than the 20-odd points it would be if the developers insisted on their own sales and maintenance points.

Comment Re:life-long updates (Score 2) 687

30% is cheap for not having to bother with infrastructure, payment processing, refunds, tech support when the OS messes up breaking your app and a myriad other small bits and pieces which add up to a lot of time spent.

Building and maintaining infrastructure and payment processing is time consuming and expensive, and contributes no value add for an indie developer. In fact, it is a value loss, since the convenience of app store purchases is high value for the buyer.

Comment Re:Banning Books Before They're Written (Score 1) 1174

Card is free to find other publishers, or even publish himself, if he so chooses. No-one has suggested denying him that. This one publisher is getting cold feet, which publishers get all the time. Publishers do not publish out of the goodness of their hearts, but to sell copies and make money. If they think something will not sell it is not banning to stop the publication.

Comment Re:Boycott is a valid choice. (Score 1) 1174

What is wrong with one man having many women?


Or one woman having many man?


Illegal you say?

Unfortunately it is, yes.

You discriminating pig, how dare you!!!

How dare I state the unethical present state of legality? What, you'd prefer I live in a make-believe world where people's choice of partner is their own, and not yours, to make?

Comment Re:This is just stupid. (Score 1) 1174

I wouldn't be aghast if Richard Dawkins penned it

You really need to read more of what Dawkins actually have written. I mean it. You would learn a lot about what the views of atheists really are as opposed to what you think they are.

This looks like a McCarthy-style witch hunt, back in the day that gays had to hide. If I were gay, I'd be as outraged that this guy would be treated like gays used to be.

If gays today could expect at worst this treatment they'd be overjoyed. The reality of bullying, suicides and ineligibility for employment is much, much worse.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 712

The main problem is finding drivers. Older hardware often does not have Win7/Win8 drivers, and newer hardware almost never has Win XP drivers.

That said, I'm not disagreeing with that Android is even less platform age agnostic. But Windows is starting to become a real pain to support across multiple ages of hardware.

Comment Re:I have said it before but MMO's need to kill pl (Score 1) 204

The problem with this is that the main appeal of MMO's is building up your character. People have been standing around showing off their epics in Ironforge, Stormwind and Orgrimmar since the game began, and that's both the main motivator for a lot of people working up their characters and for most of the endgame players.

If you're just playing your characters like slightly longer lived Battlefield 2 spawns you won't keep coming back to work on your character.

Comment Re:To think about it another way (Score 1) 810

I mean there isn't any way I could let a student know they are dealing with an asshole, no matter how diplomatic I was the asshole would get mad.

The very fact that you say "is an asshole" as if it is an objective fact and not your own perception and interaction betrays your inability to properly handle situations of this kind. I agree with the previous comments; if you can't say it to their face, you shouldn't say it at all. And you need to learn how to handle what you perceive as assholes in a better way, or consider another career.

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