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Comment Re:Before I die? (Score 1) 633

"If it's one thing I've learned this mortal life it's this: You can't learn to appreciate until you're about to lose something, or have lost it already."

You should say "I can't learn to appreciate until I ..."

I can, I have learnt to appreciate what I have and even what I had and lost.

I've also learnt that what is true for "I" is not alway true for "you" :)

Comment Re:Try this: (Score 1) 283

I'm going the other way, I went from Debian to Ubuntu in thr 6.04 days, but now I do not want to upgrade to the next Ubuntu, it's been going Downhill since 9.04. Less stable , more bugs and going way too Appleish/iPodish at every release. Switch the windows button to the left side? WTF, Taskbar freezing every few hours , grmbl.

I'm now Using Debian again on new installs, and when updates stop for 9.04 9.10 I will not Upgrade , I'll switch those boxes to Debian.

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