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Submission + - Kenyans Will Soon Be Able To Send Bitcoin By Phone (itworld.com) 1

jfruh writes: M-Pesa is a wildly popular mobile payment system in Kenya, which allows citizens of a country with a poor banking infrastructure to easily transfer money to each other using ubiquitous dumbphones. Currently the system only works in the local currency, but there are plans afoot to allow users to transfer Bitcoin — which would help Kenyans working abroad send money back home without paying high international bank transfer fees.

Comment Re:Dumbasses (Score 1) 530

what's puzzling is that they decided to keep the recruitment drive now though... you would have thought that this was the obvious outcome

You're right about that. Their failure to see the obvious implies that what they may be good at is gathering data, but what they are bad at is understanding what it means.

Comment Re:So much for... (Score 1) 743

Bicyclists should just stay the hell out of traffic. Fucking cyclists always complaining, I have yet to see one stop for a stop sign or a light...

What's your point?

In 45 years of cycling, I was hit by cars four times. Once, I was sideswiped by a careless motorist who stopped and apologized. The second time I was sideswiped, it was intentional. The crazy bastard yelled an obscenity, just like the one you used in your moronic post. The fourth time I was hit was by a guy who signaled a right turn, changed his mind, and swung left attempting a u-turn. He got two of us.

The other time? I was stopped at a red light. You never saw a cyclist stop for a light? I guess that other jackass who hit me from behind didn't either.

Comment DIY (Score 1) 3

You may have to start your own business. As an autodidact, becoming an entrepreneur should not be too far outside your comfort zone. Hiring someone who doesn't fit the guidelines provided by HR, however, is likely to be very troublesome for most middle managers.

Comment Re:Banana Alobama (Score 3, Insightful) 259

Give me Arabica from Java, Indonesia, equatorial Africa.

For clarification about arabica coffee: in my late 20s and early 30s (a very long time ago), I worked in the coffee import business. As I recall, there are two basic types of coffee; arabica and robusta. The arabica beans, no matter where they come from, are the superior coffee, at least with respect to flavor. Robusta beans are generally used as filler, or in manufactured coffee products like freeze-dried coffee, or in extremely dark roasts. Robusta beans do have one thing going for them (besides being cheaper); they have higher caffeine content.

Throughout the coffee growing regions, there are many varieties of arabica coffees. Depending on where and how they are grown, subtle, and some not so subtle, differences among the varieties can be appreciated. There are guys on the Green Coffee Exchange in New York, and no doubt elsewhere, who can correctly identify the origin of coffees in blind taste tests. I wasn't one of them, but I learned a good deal about coffee while working among those folks.

One thing I learned is that for most people, how a given coffee is roasted has more to do with how it tastes than does where it's from. Also of great importance is how the coffee is brewed. Coffee graders always roast and brew in a specific way so that when grading, they taste the differences inherent in the beans.

While I definitely agree that arabica coffee is what I would want, I think that a blanket statement about what region's coffee to avoid would be hard to support if given the chance to compare well made arabica coffee from Colombia, Hawaii, Jamaica, and elsewhere.

Also, it is interesting that one would have a preference for arabica coffee from Indonesia in particular. So little of it comes from there. Indonesian coffee is 90% robusta.

Submission + - Disappointing Results from Pew/Smithsonian Science Survey (people-press.org) 1

Specter writes: Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine co-sponsored a quiz to test the science knowledge of Americans. Do you know which gas makes up most of the Earth's atmosphere? If you do, you're ahead of nearly 70% of the survey respondents who have a college education. That's right: I said college.

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