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Comment Re:a gun (Score 1) 825

Perhaps material possessions aren't worth risking your life, but protecting your family is. Besides, this seems backwards somehow. Someone that breaks into my home needs to assess whether it's worth risking their life and well-being in order to attempt to steal my possessions and put myself and my family at risk.

Submission + - Da Vinci Chess Mystery (

Anaid9 writes: Who was Da Vinci? A scientist, an inventor, an artist, and possibly...a chess master? A recent discovery of a chess journal by Luca Paccioli who was a friend and a collaborator of Da Vinci's point to the fact that some of the chess puzzles in the journal may have been drawn by Da Vinci. In fact, some of the references in Da Vinci's own manuscripts had chess references. Should that surprise us?

Comment Re:Wrong tag (Score 2, Insightful) 288

Not saying it is a problem with SQL. Some SQL statements are being injected into a script, which is then happily executing them. The problem is with the script, but SQL is being injected into it... which is why its known as SQL injection. The term does not imply that the root of the problem is with SQL itself. It's a variant of Code Injection, but with SQL instead...


Submission + - Judge orders Gizmodo search warrant unsealed (

gyrogeerloose writes: The same judge who issued the warrant to search Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's apartment has ordered it unsealed, ruling against the San Mateo County (California) district attorney's office which had argued that unsealing the documents may compromise the investigation. Several media organizations have sought to have the documents unsealed in order to determine whether the county had a legal basis for the warrant, stating "Otherwise, there is no way for the public to serve as a check on the conduct of law enforcement officers, the prosecutors and the courts in this case."

Submission + - Google's Nexus One Web store fails, Google says it

DigitalReverend writes: Today, Google announced that it is going to end its online-only sales of the Nexus One smartphone, start selling the Android-powered device through retail channels, and eventually stop selling phones in its Web store altogether.

Betanews reports: "While the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It's remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it's clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose from," Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of Engineering said today.

Submission + - Facebook Founder Called Users "Dumb F***s" (

Stoobalou writes: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called the social network’s earliest users at Harvard "dumb f***s" for trusting him with their data.

The revelation comes in the form of an instant messenger transcript published at Business Insider. The social networking giant hasn't disputed the transcript's authenticity.

Comment Re:Forrest Mims (Score 1) 301

Guess this is all moot though, cause the OP wants to do RF stuff, not microcontrollers. :-)

Why wouldnt you use a microcontroller in RF? Microcontrollers certainly have a place in many aspects of Radio; amateur or otherwise. Like building an Iambic Keyer (think morse code), or building a software defined transceiver, where the 'duino handles communication with the computer, frequency tuning, morse keying, LCD display, and more. While it may not be necessarily be used for the actual modulation of the signal, it definitely has uses.

Comment Re:Ethan Hunt (Score 1) 660

> And for 99% of my communications, I don't care if someone listens.
> There really isn't anything of any importance -- which is why no
> one's listening. It simply has no value to them at that capacity.

Nice attempt at rationalization. Fact is, that you DO NOT decide
what's valuable to someone else nor whether somebody will be

Comment Re:Because H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC is Mature! (Score 1) 619

I have ST:TOS downloaded in SD with XviD, that was before the blu ray release, and I am not planning to redownload it. I probably will redownload TNG and DS9 because I have those in the 175MB format (lower quality than 350MB of course) when I decide to record them to tape (I am in the process of slowly copying my DVD-Rs to LTO tape).

$700 is a lot of money, especially if you are going to watch mostly cable TV which is analog and SD for now (there are some HD channels, but for those you need DVB-C receiver with HD support (very expensive) and a decoder card, while you can split the analog signal to however many TVs you want, which we have 4 not counting my VCRs, though I now use a digital receiver with my VCRs, I can see the channels I want even without the card, but in SD).

Yes, HD TV shows are in h.264, so is anime (though sometimes even the SD version of anime is in h264), but SD TV shows are still XviD/avi. The release groups probably know that they can use h264 for DVD rips, but choose not to, because XviD/avi is more common.

Just like audio codecs - ogg and aac may be better, but you can be sure that mp3 will be supported by almost all players (portable and not). So, most of the music is available in mp3 format, because all of the players play it, and all of the players play it because it is so common. When you rip the CD for your own use in a portable player, you can choose whatever codec your player supports, be it ogg, aac or even flac, but if you wanted to release that rip to the internet, you will probably have to choose mp3 because it is more widely supported and transcoding from one lossy codec to another degrades the quality, be it audio or video.

Xvid video with the same quality takes more space than h264 video, but I don't think that people would run to the stores to buy h264 compatible players just so they can download 300MB instead of 350MB. However, I think that xvid will be dropped only when h264 compatible players become as common as divx dvd players are now. Remember - SD TV shows still get released so you can fit 1-2 episodes on a CD-R (350 or 700MB, but usually not 800MB for example) and DVD rips of moves are release in 1 or 2 CD format, usually 1-2 files 700MB each, though now DVDR drives and discs cost about the same as CDR drives and discs.

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