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Comment In my humble experience... (Score 1) 684

Strippers and ladies who accept money for sex with strangers, while not mutually exclusive, are predominately damaged and/or drug-addicted and/or predisposed to promiscuity. Should they be able to make a living doing what they do? Absolutely. Are they a bright, oppressed underclass of women struggling to better their station in the long run using those shallow physical characteristics most men find attractive in a woman? Infrequently. Do the night's plans revolve first around securing the means to get high and paying for that night's motel room. Very often.

Comment 125 mph for 125 miles... (Score 0) 1176

I can buy that, in panic mode, a driver might be temporarily reacting to strange events and not thinking clearly. If you're still clueless how to shut the engine off with the key after an hour or so of driving, well, your cull is necessary for the betterment of the breeding pool. Can you say "Lawyer Up!"

Comment Re:Why do these phones always suck? (Score 0) 142

Continuing way the fcuk off topic, I've recently been enticed by the Spice we call the interwebs to read about this civet coffee Jack Nicholson drank in The Bucket List. Evidently, more than half the World's supply is counterfeit. Of the remaining available "genuine" shit, much of it is farmed from caged civets, so the heralded civet-selection-of-the-finest-beans cull is out the window. There are literally PETA-level outcries for the caged stuffing of these poor damn creatures who are being fed beans like a duck bred for foie gras. Do y'all remember "Beans, beans, the magical fruit..."

Submission + - How Lockheed Martin's 'Kill Chain' Stopped An Attacker Already Inside (darkreading.com)

ancientribe writes: Lockheed Martin's director of cybersecurity provided a rare inside look at how the Defense contractor was able to stop sophisticated attackers who had gotten inside its network from actually stealing anything. Lockheed's multi-million dollar Cyber Kill Chain framework, a combination of security intelligence tools and manpower was built to prevent determined attackers who inevitably gain a foothold in the network from taking anything with them. This Dark Reading article highlights an incident where an attacker posed as one of Lockheed's business partners, using legitimate credentials and a stolen RSA SecurID token.

Submission + - Computer Repair Company Takes Revenge on Devious Customer (callnerds.com) 3

herrshuster writes: Nerds on call, a small computer repair company, was sued for $500,000 dollars by a customer claiming that they had lost critical information in his litigation. But when they looked into his history, they found this was not the first time he had tried to get money from a company through either his own error or ignorance: http://blog.oregonlive.com/complaintdesk/2011/07/when_store_clerks_give_advice.html In retaliation, they posted an explanation of the circumstances on their site that totalled more than 17,000 words in an attempt to google-bomb his name. Their closing statement: "In the end we won’t label him a scam artist, or assume he had nefarious intent, however, we will let the entire history of our interactions with him stand on their own."

Submission + - Progress Bars 6

hyperorbiter writes: How come after 25 years in the tech industry someone hasn't worked out how to make accurate progress bars? This migration I'm doing has sat on "less than a minute" for over 30 minutes . . . I'm not an engineer, but is it that hard?

Submission + - Appendix Evolved More Than 30 Times (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: The appendix may not be useless after all. The worm-shaped structure found near the junction of the small and large intestines evolved 32 times among mammals, according to a new study. The finding adds weight to the idea that the appendix helps protect our beneficial gut bacteria when a serious infection strikes.

Comment Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 2) 270

Nerds live side-by-side persons of merely average intelligence and are equally affected by evil governmental regimes and happenstance. We don't all write code for a living or live in our mother's basement. Hell, I think two or three of us even have women. Sit back, pipe down, and let the number of comments sort this out.

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