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Comment Re:Computations (Score 3, Interesting) 40

Lots of 3D (fast) Fourier transforms

Again, interesting, we do a lot of this at work. Complex 3D FFT transforms. I write my plan and processing code using CUFFT. I'm curious as to whether they'd be using fully custom code for such a large computer. We're only using 8x Tesla cards at work.

Comment Re:Only $8 Million ? (Score 1) 157

Ummm...good luck with that. WIFI is notoriously easy to jam. You can barrage jam every frequency in the band with a low-power transmitter, say 10-20dBm, and no one is going to get through. No decision mechanism needed.

If you're paying to develop an ECCM anti-jamming algorithm, you are going to be working with systems that were built with jamproofing in mind in the first place. This is NOT the case with WIFI. With sophisticated modulation schemes, you have spatial and frequency multiplexing. As in, spread spectrum that actually works and may have tens of GHz of bandwidth and with 10 or 20 degrees of beamwidth. It's still jammable despite trying to keep it from being jammed by brute force or intelligence (read--someone gets the PN code), and these guys want to figure out at least how to automatically keep that from happening. This is going to involve a lot of data analysis because there are a lot of ways to jam a "stealthy" signal in the first place.

Submission + - Invasive Cure for HIV Has Been Established (

girlintrainingpants writes: According to this article in Gizmodo, Timothy Ray Brown, a 42-year-old male, has been cured of his AIDS infection. Doctors in Berlin, Germany replaced his bone marrow with mutant marrow which produces immune cells invulnerable to the HIV virus. One small step for a man. One giant leap for promiscuity.

Comment I wonder... (Score 1) 267

Will this boost their business, or will it hurt it? I wonder what will show up as the top hundred results in a few weeks...

EasyDNS Plugged WikiLeaks
EasyDNS falsely accused of unplugging WikiLeaks

Only time can tell, but I would guess the latter. Kind of like when my local paper misprints something and they apologize in a short posting in an unread section between two huge car ads...

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