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Comment Re:Well I'll be... (Score 1) 248

Typically, keys are cached when retrieved. When you re-obtain them, and they change, you get notified; or at least a log is kept. Some people are nosy and verify this. Unless you're being targeted very, very specifically... yeah. Not only that, but such fuckery creates evidence which persists, so there is a risk of being caught--which will happen eventually, and once you've done it once people will distrust you forever.

Comment Re:Well I'll be... (Score 1) 248

Except they implemented an "Increases your Security" feature that prevents you from booting another OS. Then they sign a loader that boots any other OS. I could get the Linux shim loader to boot FreeBSD easy enough--Linux can boot FreeBSD by kexec, after all. A little quick-and-dirty will make it boot fine.

Comment Re:Show what an inferior OpenStack might look like (Score 1) 118

-- System Information:

Debian Release: squeeze/sid

SID is the unstable Debian--the development branch where anything can change, anything can break, and eventually it gets snapshot and marked "RELEASE". This isn't really a release anymore than Fedora Rawhide.

Nice job trying to counter-example my argument about how stable production releases work by showing that shit breaks in unstable alpha development cycle. You'll convince a few dumb people who don't know anything about Debian or can't decipher what's in the e-mail at all that way.

Comment Re:40 years (Score 1) 107

All it took was 40 years to transform a modern island into something that looks like Mayan ruins. If something ever happens to humanity, in only a century or two we'll have been erased from history.

My first thought was that it looks just like large sections of Detroit,MI looks right now. Seriously, it's true. I know, as I don't live too far away. Search YT & Google.

Well, four decades has been about the same length of time that Detroit and Wayne county have remained solidly under one political party's control. The government made Detroit part of their "Model Cities" program. That fomented an orgy of over-regulation and local corruption & cronyism of every sort. Allowing the labor unions to gain and use the stranglehold they held on the Detroit auto industry along with ever-growing rafts of federal regulations combining to drive the auto companies to collapse was the final kill-shot. I'm old enough to have watched this go down since the 1960s. Everything since has been manifestations of the city's suicidal death-throes.

There are black bears and packs of feral dogs roaming in daylight. The Governor has had to appoint an emergency manager.

As a life-long musician, it really pisses me off because Detroit has such a great musical history and had a huge music scene with myriads of clubs that payed bands well if they were good. Now it's nearly a ghost town compared to just 30 years ago.

Hell, they'd have to fix the place up if they wanted to shoot another Robocop sequel in Detroit to match the decay levels in the Dystopian and post-apocalyptic OCP-Detroit from the previous films, not create fake destruction & decay!

But hey, the elites and their cronies both in and out of government gained tons of power and wealth from Detroit's destruction, so at least it worked out great for somebody, right?


Comment Re:Plastics shrink in space (Score 2) 90

The problem with putting cute things in space is that it will degrade quite rapidly. Any volatiles boil off faster and plastics - even (consumer grade) nylon - shrinks in space. Eventually it cracks up and falls apart. All that happens much faster than down on the surface. So plastics designed for space is different and more expensive.

I thought pretty much the same thing. My first thought was "Yeah, they'll look like small blobs of carbon and a few other materials surrounded by a small cloud of out-gassed material after being exposed in a vacuum, plus going from ridiculously-cold in shadow, and then suddenly exposed to ridiculously-intense direct solar radiation for a few hours/days."

Any idea if how long these things last is part of the experiment, as in a materials-science test of possible future space-worthy materials for space suits, habitats/vessels, etc?

A major advance in materials-science that produced a relatively cheap-to-produce material that could make a major impact on the mass needed to be lifted from a gravity well, and reduce the amount of mass, once in space, that you wanted to accelerate/decelerate and/or change direction plus be relatively resistant to radiation would be a major boost to space exploration and utilization.

OMG!!...That's it!!....That's the reason for the Japanese fascination with robots all this time! This has been their plan all along! The Japanese will rule outer space with millions of plastic robot-ships...with LASERS!!...But strangely the robots will feel a curious sense of sadness and spiritual angst that will play out among them in multitudes of awkward & overly-melodramatic social situations for eons afterwards. /kidding


Comment Re:Thanks for the warning! (Score -1, Troll) 122

Pretty much. It's a political thing: They need to get it out before people go from "angryturfing" to "calm down to rational logic and realize this is just stupid." Kind of like how you have to shove your cock down a woman's throat while she's still crying, instead of giving her time to realize she can just bite your dick off. Canonical is raping the userbase.

Comment Re:Oh, gag me. (Score 1) 564

Does the definition really matter? As soon as we deviate from "what provides the most net-positive objective benefit for me" to... anything, we're talking about what is and isn't "good for the soul."

You can argue that IF I get caught doing something bad I go to prison or face penalties, but that's a big if. If I can knock up married women and skip town, spread HIV (and with all the sex partners those sluts have, how will they know they got it from me?), get girls drunk at parties and nail them and nobody knows who fucked who, and so on, each of these actions is a net positive for me: I'm getting laid. Steal shit when nobody's looking, I'm getting richer. If I'm careful I don't get caught.

The moment you move from why society has rules to why I, personally, should follow the rules if I can get away with breaking them, we're discussing something not scientific. Scientifically, I should be violating the rules every chance I get if there's a profit in it. Liars and deviants gain larger and more dynamic and influential social groups. Drug addicts and dealers and serial rapists face consequences; the guy who gets your wife drunk and fucks her in the bathroom at the bar and knocks her up and she can't remember you and nobody saw it... he's in the clear, she probably won't tell you, and fuck yeah doesn't matter had sex!

People keep saying getting Jesus back in schools would be good for this country, versus how bibles don't belong in schools. Zen Buddhism would make a nice middle ground, if you could tell the difference between philosophy and religion--or even between "shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" and "Politicians have endorsed religion and the local school district has distributed bibles". (If congress shall make no law... how have we managed to ban religious displays in federal court houses, when Congress only makes legislation and the Court only judges action to be taken in favor of legislation, with the Executive Branch left to write policy and create government functions necessary to execute that which is prescribed by enacted legislation?)

And there's your spirituality: A book that says it's good for the nature of your being to... not be a complete fucktwit asshole. What do you mean, "the nature of my being"? Getting laid versus not getting laid IS the nature of my physical, biological, scientific being, isn't it?

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 229

It's a Wal-Mart thing. Nice things are a waste of money, and you need to retire one day. I buy $20 3-packs of socks that are worn and inelastic 4 years later; I was buying $8 8-packs that would have holes in them in 1-2 washes, spending $60/year instead of $60/3year. People are like... why do you need expensive *socks*? Look, $8 at Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile my salary is lower but my debt is lower and I'm acquiring assets at higher quality at a much higher rate. People make $20k/year more than me, pay half as much in taxes 'cause married, no kids yet, and they're not doing a very good job of preparing financially for kids 'cause they can't afford shit. I rented, then bought a house; they bought houses, want to move to a bigger house, but are currently poorer than me--because I "threw my money away" in rent, while they "built an asset" paying more per month in interest, taxes, and homeowner's insurance (mine is $1000/year vs my $100/year renter's insurance) than I ever did in rent and insurance. They don't understand how they can sell their house and come away with so very, very little to offset the debt of buying the next house.

In other news, Catholics want you to read about Jesus. Atheists want you to stop being superstitious. Americans want to drop soldiers into your country, blow a bunch of shit up, kill your leaders, establish democracy, and show you how much better it is than the non-American stuff you have.

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 229

No it's more like if I want a piano, people feel it's their duty to tell me to Walmartize my purchase: get some cheap shit. I want something nice. That makes me a horrible person for somehow not knowing how to spend money correctly, or for not patronizing their favorite brand, or for buying something they don't see a value in.

Like the bike I got takes me about 60% as much energy to move as the $500 bike I had--it's like the bike isn't even there--and I can make it 13 miles to work in 50 minutes instead of 2 hours (energy expenditure is not linearly related to time, somehow). It's lighter, the geometry is better, the gearing is better, it places less stress on the rider so my muscles don't spend as much energy trying to support my body and so I don't develop shit like back or joint pain. People see I bought a bike and make it their business to lecture me and get all haughty and superior about how it's a waste of money and I'm obviously stupid and people shouldn't be allowed to buy shit like that if they're that stupid they can't manage their money when something 1/10 as expensive is sitting right there that's just as good.

Pulling from this experience as life experience is justifiable in context. Yes, showcasing all my awesome shit is a side effect. But hey, I have a bicycle; the moment I go outside, I'm showcasing my awesome shit. Ditto if you have a Porsche--and let's face it, a Porsche isn't just a badge; it's an awesome car to drive. A Cadillac is a badge; a Cadillac CTS-V is an awesome car to drive (I hate GM, but yeah). Much of Pontiac distinctly weren't badges, but were pretty nice cars to drive. An MX-5 will get you ridiculed for completely different reasons than coming home with a new BMW in da hood on your McDonalds paycheck will, but that's an awesome car to drive. People are looking.

Walmartize and ridicule for other reasons. Granite/Quartz is considered the "everyone has it" countertop, like stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floor is considered top-quality... and then people start telling you to get laminate floating floor because "it's cheaper and looks just as good." You do not know what hardwood is.

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