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Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 236

Drive-ins used to use tinny crappy speakers that you hung on the edge of your car window in the days before they could transmit the audio to your car stereo. Hence comments about the sound

Yes, and that was over twenty years ago for even most of the drive-ins in bumfuck. I saw Rambo III in a drive-in with FM Radio for audio, up here in Lakeport, CA. Which is officially bumfuck. So what I want to know is, where in the shit do they not use radio for audio?

Comment Re:XP better than Windows 7 (Score 1) 179

The reduced requirements are really the only way XP is better than 7, unless you want to talk about backwards compatibility. I've had programs fail even on XP Mode, let alone on Win7. But Win7's requirements are remarkably low; many people report that it runs acceptably on systems with only 512MB RAM. Who has less than that these days? Nobody who should be running Windows.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 236

You should get a better car stereo if you have poor sound. They can't control that. Of course, if your drive-in is one of the tiny handful in the country which didn't convert to FM radio for their audio, then that's a problem... but it's not a problem inherent to drive-ins.

Comment Dude... (Score 3, Insightful) 236

Those things were dead when I was a little boy, 30 years ago. I seem to recall running across two or three rotting corpses of drive-in theaters in my travels and have never seen one that didn't look like something that had been through a zombie apocalypse. Drive in theaters were a prop for sitcoms of my parent's generation. You know what I never heard growing up? "Hey! Let's all go to the drive-in theater!" I think mom may have mentioned going to one with her family a couple of times when she was a little girl, and she was a little girl back when we still had military bases in Libya. Saying drive-in theaters are dying is like saying faith in the flat earth is dying. If they were ever healthy, it was over half a century ago. There may be a handful of people trying to keep the games the pilgrims played alive, or writing yn fhe olde ftyle wyth ys for "i"s and fs for "s"s, but that doesn't mean those things are still alive!

Therefore the headline "The Death of the American Drive-In" comes about 50 years too late. It's not "news" anymore, and it hasn't been for as long as I've been alive.

Comment Re:Only relevant line (Score 1) 629

You can't read, can you?

You can't think, can you?

You do know that the HTML5 route is impossible right.

I know no such thing.

Microsoft would end up with the HTML5 version of and what would be the point of that, it is already available for Windows Phone.

You can't read, can you? As I said, "They can rewrite HTML like anyone else." They can use the HTML5 interface and then rewrite it to suit their desires. There's nothing that a youtube client needs to do that you can't do through the web interface. If it needs OS interaction, they can write that into their client. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about, not even a little bit.

Microsoft wants to create an app with the same features as the youtube app for Android and iOS and Google is saying: "Sorry, we hate your guts so you are not going to be allowed to do that. Now fuck off."

You are a revisionist prevaricator, which means you're a dirty liar. What actually happened is that Ballmer said he would "fucking kill" google, and now he wants special treatment by being permitted to display youtube videos without displaying the ads, and otherwise deliberately and explicitly enabling users to violate the YT ToS.

Do no evil my ass.

That is not and has never been their slogan. You can't read, can you?

Google today is worse than Microsoft at its worst.

The only way in which that is true is scope.

Comment Re:the race (Score 1) 333

diesel is either made of petroleum (a very limited resource) or biomass (which has a low Energy Return on Energy Invested ratio, and is also based on a limited resource: arable land).

Stop saying this. You are grossly misinformed at best. Biodiesel or green diesel can be made from an algae feedstock, and algae can be grown anywhere you can get sun, air, and water — and the water can be fairly "dirty" by most definitions, or have any salinity between basically nothing and the high end of oceanic. The technology was proven at Sandia NREL in the 1980s and estimated to be profitable by the time diesel fuel reached $3/gallon.

Comment Re:he should pursue (Score 1) 189

If you dread going to work every day with no bright points, you really do need a different job or different employer.

Nice theory, but no... Most people need to pay the bills and that's why you go to work. Pay your bills, make the time you haven't got to work as comfortable as possible. Oh, and that's for the people who are well off... For those less lucky, they go to work to pay the bills, then go to their second job to pay the ends-of-months and then, if they're lucky not to have a third job, be happy to can crash and sleep.

Comment Re:I'm not saying these conspiracies are true (Score 1) 251

The "you idiot" part is because the first Google result for "chemtrails tanks" is a well documented piece pointing this out including photographs and citations.

Google customizes search results. It shows you what you want to see. Note, that goes for both of us. Last time I looked for such a page, it didn't exist. But I haven't actually thought about that in a while.

In any case, it's not difficult to imagine a system by which chemtrail spraying could be going on. That's very far from suggesting that it is going on. But when articles describe all the reasons why it supposedly can't be going on, they're engaging in bullshit speculation just as much as people who have no evidence whatsoever who are speculating as to what the purpose of chemtrailing might be.

Comment Re:Basis for discrimination (Score 1) 684

There are limits to it... Say American applicants were only willing to do the job for $1M/yr, but they can farm it out to a foreign worker for $10K/yr, and the company budget is up to $50K/yr.

I know it's the argument that they claim, yet screw American employees. Hi, I am one.

I worked for 8 years at job where I was making about $125K/yr (including benefits). The job given to a foreign company for $50K/yr. I wasn't offered to take a pay cut, or any other type of negotiation. I just found myself locked out of the servers, and it took them a full day to let me know I wasn't employed any more.

My ex-employer suffered because of it. The outsourced company convinced them that they should be paranoid of me. Every bit of running code, from crons, to public facing interfaces, was rewritten at a cost of over $250K in 6 months. They spent a lot of time hunting for back doors that I simply had never left. I consider back doors a security risk. It's better to focus on keeping the front door secure.

The servers were systematically wiped and replaced (swapping Linux for *BSD). The outsourced company didn't understand the kind of loads my servers were tuned for. On commodity hardware, we could saturate several GigE circuits on any day of the week, and it was redundant enough to take multiple servers or even an entire site outage.

Over the next year, I was told by employees and others associated with the company, about constant failures. The primary revenue sites would go down on a regular basis, because they couldn't tune them properly. When they did operate, they were slow. They did purchase networking hardware I had been fighting for, but they failed to configure them properly either. I suspect the redundancy I had outlined wasn't done, but I don't have any further information on that. They didn't want to reference anything I had done, including 8 years of tuning and analysis of technical requirements.

All in all, from what I've been told by those who are still privileged to information, is that their revenue dropped by millions of dollars.

I don't know if they're still using the other company. I know there was a big fight between the owners, and they parted ways. I'd suspect it wasn't over creative control. Most likely they were seriously impacted by the loss of revenue, and anything could have instigated the split.

They saved about $75K/yr. They lost so much more. There were implications that I might do something to hurt them. I didn't have to, they screwed it up all on their own.

All of my work was well documented. Since the beginning, a copy of the passwords were kept with the owners. In my opinion, it's their company, and they can screw it up any way they want. It just sucks I lost a good job, so a foreign based company could make a little bit more. It sucks for my old company too, as they lost their asses because of it.

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