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Comment gcompris (Score 1) 742

One program I tried was gcompris. It is very good for kids. It teaches them how to use the mouse, and has very simple games in it. I have a 3 year nephew that uses it, as his first application, and just used it as had he done nothing else. I would say the levels are from 2-12 years

Submission + - Giving a Netbook to a 4yr old. What to load on it? 2

nostrodecus writes: I have a nephew who is very young, but who has the techie gene — he found the Gruffalo on youtube before anyone knew he could spell. Now he's almost 4, and I was thinking of giving him my netbook (Acer running XP), which i hardly use any more. So of course I will be deleting all the porn, but what should I load up on it? Are there tools/apps that I can load up on it to protect it and him from things he shouldn't see until college? Also, what apps or games could I load on it that a 4 year old will get some use out of?

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