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Comment Best tablet in 10 years, but must cut nails (Score 1) 68

* Best tablet in 10 years: I challenge anyone to find a tablet in the last 10 years that has larger than a 1400x1050 screen -- much less a *touchscreen* tablet, with a *decent processor*. I would have been willing to pay $4000 for such a device, but with PC makers thinking they can get away with low resolutions, I have never had an opportunity to. But now it has come. At 1366x768 x2, it is about as good as the 1600x1200 touchscreen you could have hoped for (assuming use in dual-screen display mode). And as a bonus, you don't have to move your hands from the "keyboard" to the "screen" in order to touch a GUI element. Wait until some API is exposed on Linux, and then you'll get interesting gestures (e.g. smashing your palm) to toggle keyboard input on and off and/or temporarily mirror the top screen to the bottom screen, letting you quickly move between the display being a mouse and a keyboard. * Custom keyboard = godly: Want to replace your Caps Lock? Sure. Want a shorter spacebar? You got it. (I once searched for a month to find such a keyboard... finally found some type of oriental keyboard, but unfortunately it suffered from key ghosting and thus was useless.) Tired of checking screenshots before buying laptops, to make sure that the Fn key is not where the Ctrl key should be, that the backspace and enters keys are large enough, etc., etc., etc.? (Or perhaps annoyed at the lack of Lenovo BIOS options to switch the Ctrl and Fn key?) Your wish has been granted. * But you have to cut your nails if you're a fast typist: If the technology is not sensitive to touch (e.g. resistive) but rather (e.g.) to capacitance, you will need to make sure your nails are cut very short very often (unlike a physical keyboard where you have a bit more leeway), or you won't trigger an input event. Looking at it another way: this technology has the added benefit of forcing society to be more preened. A double win.

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