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Comment Spam (Score 1) 459

I think it should be up to ISPs to block port 25 from their own client pool. That way, you can get whitelisted if you want to run your own mail server by your ISP. If all ISPs did this, it would be an obstacle for spam. Or if there were a registry of approved mail servers, so botnet zombies on cable pools cant easily dump thousands of spam messages per day. I think it is a step in the right direction, as long as your ISP is willing to open up port 25 to users upon request.

Comment natural explanations: all. supernatural: 0 (Score 1) 810

Just because you can ask a question, doesnt mean it deserves an answer. The whole notion of ghosts is rooted in religious thinking based on literally zero evidence. If a dish falls, or a chair moves, and its proven to be some odd energy force, you're still 100% away from a magic entity that is the spirit of a human that is traveling around the universe in tandem with the earth at millions of miles an hour, changing directions to match the rotation and revolution of the earth, the movement of our star, and solar system and local group and supercluster, etc. just to live in a house. if the soul has mass, we'd be able to measure it with a scale, which to date hasnt been done. It's not worth investing time and money researching peoples imaginary causes based on no evidence. someone from a primitive time jumped to the conclusion of a ghost for an unexplained phenomenon, and because of the widespread belief in immortal souls and an afterlife it's survived into the modern era, where in most every other area of thought those same people demand evidence. There is no place for magic or wizards as explanations, since to date every single thing that has been discovered has been found to be natural in origin. and that means also that everything that was attributed to supernatural agents, has been replaced by a natural explanation, or is still unexplained (yes, "magic did it" isnt actually explanatory)

Comment Re:Odd. (Score 1) 473

I agree that supernatural beliefs influence one's fear of death. As education and literacy go up, religiosity goes down, and as a result i dont find this finding very shocking. And with the social structure historically pushing women away from scientific avenues of education, I would also wager the "best antidote" for supernatural beliefs is an understanding of the natural world, which science delivers like no other academic pursuit. But times are changing, and women are filling labs at a rate unseen before and i suspect that the difference based on sex will diminish, but the level of education will still correlate quite well.

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