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Submission + - Faith-based highways in Texas (

An anonymous reader writes: Rick Perry and Phil Graham have appointed a lobbyist, Phil Wilson, to head the Texas highway department. Wilson has no engineering background whatsoever, he just knew the right people. (The prior P.E. requirement for this job had to be removed so he could be appointed.) His salary will be double that of the last head of the department, an engineer. Yes, a national search for the best candidate was conducted at a cost of $57,000 and Wilson was the winner!

It looks as though Perry and Phil Graham's man had the inside track to head the highway department. No, no promotion from within, no engineering background whatsoever, he just knew the right people. Welcome to the world of faith-based highways...

Wilson's salary will be double that of the recent head of the department. A national search for the best candidate was conducted at a cost of $57,000 and Wilson was the winner!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Ergonomic Office Environment?

relyte writes: "In the spirit of the recent poll--where many people recommended ergonomic upgrades--what's the best way to get a comfortable, efficient work environment? I'm just starting my career in software development, and I already know I want a great chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. What should I get, and am I missing any categories?"

Submission + - Better Java LINQ querying (

nicholas22 writes: ""A new type-safe LINQ implementation for the Java language has been developed leveraging the compiler pre-processing Java agent lombok-pg, making use of features not found in standard Java such as extension methods, block iterator yield co-routines and higher order functions. The source code is compiled down to standard Java bytecode (supporting the javac and ecj compilers) and works with all tools you're used to working with, such as Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Hudson, JUnit, etc. in a way that is transparent to the developer (i.e. there is no explicit pre-compilation step). LINQ queries provide compile time type-safety, allowing you do things like date range queries against date fields but keeping you from trying to do a date range query against a string field. Hopefully this catches on, resulting in fewer uses of String-based untyped querying (e.g. quaere), exploding at runtime and with less boilerplate and fewer lines of code than other alternatives (e.g. lambdaj).""

Comment Re:Java is cool (Score 1) 292

There are some pretty cool developments going on in Java lately, e.g. LINQ, functions and reified generics. Why wait for the JCP when there are enough mad people out there who will implement all the tools that Java is perceived to lack? See for example:

Also see


Submission + - Java LINQ ( 3

nicholas22 writes: "A Java library providing LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) has been developed, using a Scala-style programming library called lombok-pg, that supports features not found in standard JDK libraries, such as extension methods, yield coroutines and functions.

Examples (valid Java):
String[] names = new String[] { "james", "john", "john", "eddie" }.where(startsWith("j")).distinct();
char[] alphabet = new Character('A').to(new Character('Z')).unbox();

This Java code would take approximately 4x the number of lines of code."


Submission + - Oracle to bring Dtrace on Linux

mvar writes: Dtrace co-author Adam Leventhal writes on his blog about Dtrace for Linux:

Yesterday (October 4, 2011) Oracle made the surprising announcement that they would be porting some key Solaris features, DTrace and Zones, to Oracle Enterprise Linux. As one of the original authors, the news about DTrace was particularly interesting to me, so I started digging.
Even among Oracle employees, there’s uncertainty about what was announced. Ed Screven gave us just a couple of bullet points in his keynote; Sergio Leunissen, the product manager for OEL, didn’t have further details in his OpenWorld talk beyond it being a beta of limited functionality; and the entire Solaris team seemed completely taken by surprise.
Leunissen stated that only the kernel components of DTrace are part of the port. It’s unclear whether that means just fbt or includes sdt and the related providers. It sounds certain, though, that it won’t pass the DTrace test suite which is the deciding criterion between a DTrace port and some sort of work in progress.

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