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Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 1140

Even Win98 had a way to jump between windows w/o needing to use the damn keyboard (like you have to do with Mac apparently).

Wait, so you don't want to use the mouse to switch windows, and you don't want to use the keyboard? I think you're being a bit unreasonable, what's left telepathy?

Comment Re:oh darn (Score 1) 522

I have not read any evidence that a majority of prostitutes work because they enjoy being prostitutes. Have you?

As the other poster replied, that same argument could be applied to any job. Do the majority of sanitation workers enjoy handling waste and filth? Or do they do it because it is a paying job?

Stop being a "prostitution is no initiation of force therefore it should be legal therefore it is OK" libertard and instead ask "Is it moral in general to pay for prostitutes?"

Yes, it is moral, in general to pay for prostitutes. To not pay would be rape.

Comment Re:court intelligence (Score 1) 363

Note, he said "looking" at the pictures, not "making" the pictures. There is a difference. Possessing CP is the only crime I can think of where witnessing a crime is itself a crime.

Yes, producing CP is a horrible crime, and it needs to be punished; I would rate it as at least as heinous as rape or assault. I would rate looking at CP well below rape or assualt, and probably below theft as well.

Comment Re:Oceans too (Score 1) 237

The nitrogen molecule will be influenced to a greater degree than the hydrogen atom by Earth's gravity, as gravity reduces its velocity to a greater relative degree than that of the hydrogen atom.

No. All matter is equally affected by gravity. The amount of force that gravity applies to a given bit of matter is directly proportional to that bit of matter's mass. Yes, more massive things require more force to be pulled down to Earth, but more massive things are pulled on more strongly by gravity. This is why all things fall at the same rate in a vacuum, and why a nitrogen atom in space will be pulled towards Earth at the exact same rate as a hydrogen atom, and at the exact same rate that a VW beetle or the Moon would be. Differences in mass only come into play within the atmosphere, where lighter gasses rise above heaver gasses, but even at the edge of the atmosphere, a hydrogen would still have quite a ways to go before being able to escape Earth's gravity well.

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