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Comment Human eye (Score 3, Informative) 414

Wikipedia says:

Angular resolution: about 4 arcminutes, or approximately 0.07Â

Field of view (FOV): simultaneous visual perception in an area of about 160Â Ã-- 175Â.

So that's about 2200 x 2400 if the screen is at the correct distance. Further away and you need less resolution. Closer and you won't see the whole image.

Comment Re:Just repeal the 4th amendment (Score 1) 347

"The general voice from north to south... calls for a bill of rights. It seems pretty generally understood that this should go to juries, habeas corpus, standing armies, printing, religion and monopolies. I conceive there may be difficulty in finding general modifications of these suited to the habits of all the States. But if such cannot be found, then it is better to establish trials by jury, the right of habeas corpus, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, in all cases, and to abolish standing armies in time of peace, and monopolies in all cases, than not to do it in any. The few cases wherein these things may do evil cannot be weighed against the multitude wherein the want of them will do evil." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1788. ME 7:96

Comment Re:Not equations. Graphs. (Score 1) 385

> This is like arguing about whether kids should be taught calculus in school when they're struggling with basic arithmetic.

It's funny that people who struggle with basic math in school have no problems doing calculations with money or baseball statistics.

It really says to me that the approach is just wrong.

Comment Re:Just repeal the 4th amendment (Score 1) 347

The Founders made it hard to amend the Constitution.

Maybe a bit of ego there, but events seem to be indicating that they were right about this, like they were about most everything else.

I just wish they enumerated a few more of these natural rights. Jefferson, for example campaigned for Habeus Corpus being added to the Bill of Rights. Funny how he was right about that.

Comment Re: nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Science has predicted ice ages, Malthusian famine, aether wind, Le Verrier's planet Vulcan, Lowell's Martian canals and other non-occurrences.

Science has predicted none of these. Every single idea in that list is either the result of media hyperbole or simple hypothesis made to attempt to explain known phenomena. A prediction based on established theory is VERY different from a hypothesis or worse media speculation as in the case of the so-called ice age.

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